Ghosted image of files when downloaded/saved? Temp files?


Dec 26, 2008
Hey guys,

odd place for this question but I know that there are a lot of knowledgeable people in this section. I noticed recently that when I download or save some files from firefox that they will appear as duplicates with a '~$' in front of the file name in various places. For instance, I just downloaded a word document called 'Final Exam Allocation' and saved it to my desktop. On my desktop there are two files called 'Final Exam Allocation' and one called '~$nal Exam Allocation'. The latter is greyed out. I assume it's a temporary file since it goes away after I close word. I am also noticing that I can see a lot of files that should be hidden when navigating my HDD.

I think this occured when I changed some files to not be hidden so that I could find and uninstall a plugin that was hiding from me. Is there a way to rever the windows file structure back to its default hidden settings for temporary and system files w/o a fresh install? I appreciate any help you can give me.

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In Windows Explorer (not Internet Explorer) for Win XP (not sure for Vista):

1. Click 'Tools' at that top menu, select 'Folder Options'
2. Click 'View' tab
3. Choose 'Do not show hidden files and folders'
4. Click 'OK'

That's it.