Question Gigabyte z790 gaming x ax would not get past POST

Dec 8, 2022
Hey, I have recently bought some new hardware for my pc as it was getting old and I wanted to get the best possible out of it:

-Gigabyte z790 gaming x ax

-kingston fury beast DDR5 5200 mhz (2x 16gb CL 40)

-intel core i9 13900kf

I am using my old GPU(Asus Turbo GTX 1070) and power supply(Thermaltake SE 730w)

The issue I encountered was that dram light was on and pc wouldn't go through POST, beeping 4 times and shutting down.

So the things I will try tonight is going to be flashing the bios with q flash plus and trying the rams in every position possible. (I looked up and they should be compatible)

I was wondering if there is anything I can do about it and make it work if the solution above does not work.

Also the motherboard has 2x 8 pin 12v ATX power connectors while my PSU only has 1 4+4 pin. I looked in the manual and I did not understand correctly how to plug the power to the CPU(either 4+4 pins in 1 8 pin slot or 4 pins in one 8 pin slot and the other 4 pin in the other slot).

I could really appreciate some help, will leave the manual's CPU power connector schematic maybe some1 understands it better than i was able to.
The one 4+4 pin you have plug both into one 4+4 socket. Recheck all your other power connections, sometimes they feel like they are in but sometimes you have to wiggle them a bit to fully seat them. I also would try to start the pc without the gpu on board to make sure that isn't your problem.