Gigabyte's new '3D' cooler.

Imagine this thing on your Graphics Card! :cool:

Can you say mounting braket plus epoxy and maybe a few pull-ties!

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It says 3D cooler, but I think it has very little to do with 3D the way we think of it.

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Jan 16, 2004
It looks like an improved version of the Dragon orb 3, I bought one when I build my first computer(you know bigger is better mentality till someone learns ya) , nice looking with matching fans,colors and all, but my god it sounds like a flight deck on an aircraft carrier.
P/N A1132 FAN Speed 4900±10% RPM
Fan Dimension 60x60x25 mm Dimension 69 dia mm x 79 mm tall
Rated Voltage 12V Noise 31dBa (I think they lieits more in the high 30's)
Max. Air Flow 32CFM Interface Material Bergquist 225U

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