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  1. TacticaL_BacoN

    Question PC Crashes on (recent) Games, Works Fine on Most Benchmarks/Stress Tests.

    So right now my PC crashes on SELECT resource-heavy tasks, and what happens on crash is that my screen displays "NO SIGNAL" (not even BSOD), but I can still hear everything that's going on, LEDs and fans are still running. After which I have no choice but to force a shutdown on my system. This...
  2. A

    Question PC Restart Under Stress

    Hi I7 6700K z170x gaming 7 Gtx 1060 msi gaming x 6gb Gskill 8x2 trident z 3000 cl15 Samsung 256gb Ssd Toshiba 3tb hdd Cpu fan DeepCool Iceblade 200m Power supply > Green uk550 gold ( 550watt ) My pc is stable in normal use but pc Restart when i playing High graphics games with maximum graphic...
  3. X

    Question Is this temperature safe for the Ryzen 5 3600?

    Okay so I just ran a system stability stress test using Aida64 for the first time, (I stressed the CPU, FPU, cache and system memory) and my CPU temp immediately shot up to like 76-78c the very instant that I clicked start. I ran it for 5 minutes straight and the temps stayed in the mid 70's but...
  4. K

    [SOLVED] Does benchmarking and burn test damage the graphic card?

    I bought a gpu weeks ago, but it had a problem. So I sent it to the service center and they said that they are doing benchmarks, stress testing and burn test using furmark, 3d mark etc. for 2 days. Is it good or does it damage the gpu due to such stress testing?
  5. S

    [SOLVED] Ryzen 3700x High temps

    Hi So i did a CPU,FPU Stress test on AIDA64 Extreme, I monitored the CPU temps with AIDA64,Hwinfo and CoreTemp however they all gave very different Readings. AIDA Max cpu temp - 74 Celsius Coretemp - 87 celsius Hwinfo - 84C But the average temps across all the monitoring software was almost...
  6. F

    [SOLVED] First system running.

    Thanks everyone for help in building my first system.
  7. J

    Question PC is crashing and restarting

    Hello, for the last couple of weeks my pc has been restarting without a blue screen. It happens seemingly randomly at various times, however I have noticed it happens more when playing a Total War game? I've ran a bunch of stress tests with no errors or crashes. The CPU is overclocked to a...
  8. Sams78601

    [SOLVED] Testing used GPU in short time

    I am buying used Asus RX 570. Because of the mining craze I see a lot of used RX 570's dying. What test should I run to see if it is performing correctly. I would have approx 30-45 minutes with buyers PC. Should i run Furmark? Or should i run unigine heaven or valley? What tests should i run and...
  9. weztmarch

    [SOLVED] Is Furmark Safe for GPU testing?

    Is Furmark/MSI Kombustor reasonably safe for testing newer GPUs (e.g. RTX 20xx series) run short term, e.g. ~10 minutes or less with acceptable thermals, e.g. <85c core and <95c GDDR6??? The card would be run at its max power/temp slider limits in Afterburner to determine its highest stable...
  10. S

    [SOLVED] Cpu downclocking heavily under load (Ryzen 7 1800x Baseclock 3.30 GHz, 2.1 GHZ under load (stress test))

    Hello Everyone, cpu: ryzen 7 1800x mobo: x370-f gpu: rx 480 ram: gskill ripjaws 2x8gb @3200mhz 500watt psu cpu cooler: No OC idle runs 55 degrees @ 2.9ghz, under load it maxes out at 75degrees but it...
  11. iDawood

    Question Is there a way to stress test your HDD or SSD?

    Hi. I have been having issues with my PC and I basically stress tested all my components besides my HDD and SSD. I looked around google and there was this one program with a really vague explanation on the way it works, that ended up not working. So if you know of a way to stress test storage...
  12. M

    [SOLVED] New MSI Radeon RX 570 causing Problems

    Installed a new GPU recently, after a fashion i managed to get the drivers successfully installed and the card working, However when stress testing the GPU, either with a game (Total Warhammer 2) or the Kombuster utility that installed with the card, the entire machine switched off without...
  13. C

    Question Hitting 94 C with i9 9900k and NZXT Kraken x72 on Stress Tests

    Hey, I'm a bit new to the overclocking scene and I have OC'ed my i9 9900k to 5.0GHz. Running 3DMark (TimeSpy Extreme) I am hitting 90-94 on the CPU Stress portion of the test. I find this confusing as I have a 360mm Radiator, the Kraken x72. Is there any advice anyone can give about how to lower...
  14. ninad4c

    Question 970 Stuck at 135mhz under stress

    I've benn having this issue with my 970 where it randomly locks it self to performance state 0 at 135-162mhz and even under stress wont get back to normal speeds. it has happend 3 times before in a span of a year but now happens every two days and after trying many things (Driver uninstaller...
  15. D

    Question Question about GPU stress test

    Hello guys,I want to stress my GPU (for recording the power consumption) and I cant find any software that does the stress with sequence (10%,20%,30%,...,90%). All software go directly to 99% of GPU usage.Does anybody has any ideas that can help me? Thank you for your time :)
  16. S

    [SOLVED] Ryzen 5 2600 Voltage differences between load and idle

    I have overclocked my ryzen 2600 to 4.0Ghz using 1.2375v in the BIOS. However, recently I saw that in CPU-z, HWInfo, HWMonitor that the Core voltage is shown as 1.232. The strange thing is that on idle in those programs say the core voltage is 1.232 when the cpu is idle or its usage is less than...
  17. F

    Question PC Restarts when under certain loads

    Hello, I have a pretty unusual setup: it's a Lenovo D20 workstation (two CPUs are present) with a gtx 1080 ti. My problem is that when the card is stressed with a specific type of load it causes a PC restart. What I mean by specific load is this: the card runs fine in the Battlefront II menu...
  18. H

    Question stress tested my i7 4770k to 4ghz

    I stress tested my i7 4770k 4ghz with Intelburner at standard settings. My maximum temp was 80c. Is the temp okey? I only ran it once, should I run it more?
  19. R

    Question Black screen whilst stress testing

    Hi there, As of last week, I've been getting random reboots whilst playing demanding games, which is now gone with PSU change however black screens are happening instead. What I've done so far: My first thought was an overheating issue, I checked HWMonitor whilst running intensive games and...
  20. K

    Question usb wont format even with diskpart

    my kingston data traveler 32gb wont format i tried to use disk part to clean the usb and create a new partition but evry time i use the commands (like clean. CREATE PARTITION PRIMARY ) i get this : error DiskPart has encountered an error: The system cannot find the file specified. See the...