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  1. A

    Can I install a 2400mhz memory in my 2133mhz mb

    Memory upgrade information Dual channel memory architecture Two DDR4 UDIMM (288-pin) sockets Supports up to PC4-17000 (DRR4-2133) I already have a 4gb memory of the same architecture as above. I am thinking of upgrading the memory to 8gb, so should i get a 2400 mhz ram or 2133 mhz...
  2. G

    [SOLVED] Large Ping Spikes Every 10-20 minutes

    Hey. For the past few months I've been getting ping spikes of over 1000 ping for 1-2 minutes every 10-20 minutes. The main router is a bgw210 700 router with the firmware up to date (1.7.17). My electrician connected a netgear n600 router (wired to the main router) as an extender and I am...
  3. shakyshane

    Does my computers power supply have enough wattage?

    I built my gaming pc 3 weeks ago. Here are the specs 1. Asrock AB350M Micro motherboard 2. AMD Ryzen 3 1200 CPU 3.1 stick of G.SKILL ripjaw 8GB ddr4 RAM with one more stick on the way to make 16GB 4.EVGA GTX 780 SC Video card 5. 4x case fans 6. Team Group 240GB SSD 7.Kingston 240GB SSD 8...
  4. H

    0xc0000428 error code on all bootable windows Media.

    Hello, recently (2 days ago) I have encountered a problem that has keeped me from gaming on my PC. I posted my issue on the Windows Fourums and continued my search on the internet for solutions. Just moments ago I came across a gentleman who made a post with the same exact error codes and...
  5. M

    Is it OK to install wifiinfoview?

    Hi, a wifi dongle developer suggested me to install a Wifi Scanner and send a screenshot to him to see why I have slow wifi connection. Usually I don't install unknown software on my computer due to possible virus and other security concern. Is it OK to install the following app? I googled it...
  6. L

    can a msi optix24 monitor run on dell i3 intel graphics 4410

    can an msi optixG24C monitor run on dell laptop i3 with an intel graphics 4410?
  7. A

    [SOLVED] Laptop Ram 4GB + 8GB or 2x4GB?

    Upgrading an old Dell Latitude E5540 Core i3 4010U ( that has 2 slots, 1 with 4GB of Ram. Is it worth filling the other with an 8GB stick, or smarter to run 2x4GB sticks? If its better to go with 2x4, im...
  8. B

    Should I upgrade to ryzen 5 2600x or wait for ryzen gen 3

    I have a gym 1060 3gb and a intell penteleum I am holding for this computer to last me for college like get a new cpu this year and in a few more year new gpu but should I wait for gen 3 or buy 2600x
  9. F

    [SOLVED] Windows won’t startup after installing new mobo and cpu

    I’m a first time builder and, after replacing my mobo and cpu for my pc, windows continues to fail to startup. When I try startup repair it tells me, “Windows cannot repair this computer automatically.” I’ve inserted the windows 7 installation disk into the disk drive but it doesn’t give me any...
  10. Sargas

    I pretend to clone HDD before first boot. Any advice?

    Dear fellows, I've bought a Thinkpad L580 for my nephew. Ordering the L580 with an SSD was way much pricier (+270€) so I decided to configure it with a 500 GB HDD instead. When I receive the laptop I pretend to change its HDD for either a Crucial MX500 or a Samsung 860 Evo, before first boot...
  11. ThereWillBeAWay

    Upgrading PC, under $800 goal. Primarily gaming

    Hello, (GPU, AND POSSIBLY CPU/MOTHERBOARD REQUESTED) - * websites to purchase do not matter * time is not important * rebates or coupons are just fine with me (BACKSTORY) I assembled my first PC back in 2014 but now I find the graphics are a little underwhelming... So, I've been out of the...
  12. T

    [SOLVED] Boot drive not booting

    I’m setting up a newly built computer. When installing windows onto the nvme ssd I’m getting a error saying that I need to switch to a proper boot drive. I know for a fact installed windows correctly but it won’t let me boot from the drive. Idk what could be the problem. I have my boot...
  13. J

    How to overclock my gpu/software to use

    Can someone show me what software to use and how long I should run tests when I overclock. My gpu is a 1070 Asus Turbo and I just want to have the performance increase a bit.
  14. O

    Will my build run??

    I've done a build with the added help from others from this site and I was wondering if it will run also my budget doesn't necessarily matter as I have a while to save for my build. I also know that there has been issues with the 2080's/ti's but I have been told to not worry about it as they...
  15. F

    help picking used business laptop

    Hi I've been browsing this site for a long time but for once i'm finally stumped and it doesn't seem like all my research is paying off. recently I recovered my bosses wife's laptop. its a dell inspiron windows 8 laptop. its basically junk. its beat, super slow and doesn't have many options...
  16. R

    Is my CPU Cooler Too Tall for My Motherboard?

    Hello, I just had a quick question concerning the CPU Cooler I just bought. The problem is that the four screws that are supposed to line up with the standoffs are too high to reach all four of them. I managed to get two screws into the...
  17. S

    PC crashing? when playing games.

    So, I've read tons of forums and posts and I have not found someone going thru something similar and if i did i tried it and failed lol. So here I am asking for help, I'll open a game and start playing then 1 monitor sometimes both gets orange squiggles ( best word i can think of ) ~~~~ across...
  18. R

    Hi I strange problem with my motherboard lights on but nobodies home

    Hi I fitted a new graphics card to my sons PC - unfortunately after working for 30 minutes it died completely, nothing when I tried to reboot, no lights no fans etc. I couldn't smell anything burning so I swapped the PSU and stripped everything off the motherboard, now intermittently I can get...
  19. A

    ASUS Z77 Sabertooth DRAM LEDs On, Will Not Post

    Hello everyone, I recently upgraded my CPU/MB/RAM and was building my friend a PC with my old hardware, which is: ASUS Z77 Sabertooth MB i5-3570k Corsair Vengeance 8GB (4GBx2) DDR3 (1600mhz) Never had any issues with the setup preupgrade. RAM was in dual channel in slots A2 and B2 (The...
  20. B

    Does ASRock Z390 Pro Support LED fans?

    I’ve built a system using a ASRock Z390 Pro MB inside a Phantek ProM case. Everything seems to work fine but I cannot figure out how to make the fan LEDs work. The MB doc has no mention of RGB support (if that’s the correct term). I see the 4-wire LED cable (has 2 4-pin connectors) in the case...