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  1. M

    Brightness adjustment not working? TEAMVIEWER?

    HEYA! I don't have a problem. But I found a solution for people whose display brightness cannot be changed due a problem. If you cant solve it by reinstalling drivers or going to power options then check if you have Teamviewer installed on your machine. If there is then uninstall it and you...
  2. AnarchoPrimitiv

    Addressable Headers on Motherboards

    I am curious if anyone knows why or can reason out why companies like Asus use a weird, non-standard "4 minus 1" pin (best way I can describe it) connector on their addressable headers instead of the essentially industry standard, generic 3 pin JST connector that's on 99.9% of non-PC branded...
  3. B

    [SOLVED] No UPS Label

    Well I'm trying to RMA my 1060 6gb, and EVGA sent me a label I could use on the box for them so they can see the RMA number and bar code. I took it to the ups by myself and went up to the guy and gave him the box he tried scanning the label, then just inputted the RMA number I didn't notice this...
  4. S

    Connecting HP all in one printer

    I had asked about connecting my Dad's HP all in one 8600 printer that I inherited, to my computer. The printer no longer has a download for the xp, so I'll use my newer Windows 7 64 bit computer wired. Wish me luck. Are there instructions for connecting all those wires? Thank you.
  5. P

    PC running slow, short time after fresh install of windows

    I had this problem for some time now, i have installed a new SSD and installed windows on it, it was good for some time and then it got so slow again. Programs keep freezing and everything is slow even soundcloud and youtube keep cutting out. i have installed all drivers cpu temps are around...
  6. S

    [SOLVED] Microphone not picking up my voice but rather the YouTube videos.

    I can't seem to use my microphone which is on my headset (RAGE Z50). It just picks up on computer sounds but not my voice. I tried reinstalling Realtek drivers and nothing works. Both headphone jack on the front and on the back have the same results. Hope you guys can help me out.
  7. F

    1tb SSD vs 1tb HHD + 250gb SSD

    Are there any big differences between the two setups? Outside of the obvious additional storage capacity.
  8. D

    No display after installing new power supply

    I installed a CX600M to my rig after my Hercules 600W bit the dust (like it literally burned itself out and shut off). As someone posted earlier, it turns on, fans spin, even the fans on my graphics card. Not sure what else to do. My set up is MSi 970 motherboard Corsair Vengeance 8mb RAM...
  9. M

    I put a pattern & cannot remember it. Im trying to save all the stuff on the lg aristo i went to find my device & locked it th

    I put a pattern & cannot remember it. Im trying to save all the stuff on the lg aristo i went to find my device & locked it thinking i can unlock it that was. But it said it will use the lock pattern thats on the phone... plz help
  10. K

    BOOTMGR is missing

    Hello. I'm having this problem with dad's older laptop. He asked me to reinstall his windows. So i found some windows dvd at home a started booting installation. I formatted disks when installing. But then mid installation i got some error. Maybe DVD was wrong or something. I don't remember. So...
  11. D

    FX 8350 Shutters/Lags while playing Battlefield 1 !!

    i m using FX 8350 since 5 years, an did perform very well with heavy titles. i mostly play Battlefield 4, Battlefield 1 an PUBG, and looking forward to play Battlefield V, but whenever i play Battlefield 1 or Battlefield V beta , game become so laggy, FX 8350 can run minimum requirement for the...
  12. D

    What should i buy??

    Hi, i’m looking to buy a laptop for its portability and usage! I want one that can render high quality videos from cameras, and play low level games such as rocket league, COD, Red dead redemption! Looking to spend around 1,000$- 1,500$ looked into dell xps 15, but not sure if that’s what i...
  13. C

    Which motherboard to choose with i5 8400?

    This is really confusing as there are sooo many variants our there. People told me not to go with H310. Alright, which one to choose in B360 then? My budget is limited. I don't really need 4 ram slots but I need it to high speed compared to H310. Also I need USB 3.1 in front panel option on...
  14. A

    Would I be able to run a gtx 1050ti and 1080 in the same rig?

    I know the gtx 1050ti doesn't support SLI, I'm very sad about that. But, could I still run a GTX 1050ti and a 1080 in the same rig, and having each connected to one monitor, for example? So that I have two monitors and I use the one connected to the gtx 1080 for gaming and other things and the...
  15. L

    High allocated memory

    Hi, I'm having some problems with my pc running on windows 10 with 16GB of RAM. When I'm using programs that need a lot of RAM (~8GB) I run out of memory, but looking in the task or in the performance manager I can see that the allocated memory is 100% but the physical memory used is under 70%...
  16. R

    I have sj5 sound bar, it possible to connect tv and dvd player to sound bar using 1 in 2 way out adapter

    I have lg sj5 sound bar, is it possible to connect tv and dvd player to sound bar using 1 in 2 way out adapter
  17. S

    Display won't come up when connected

    I7 7700 Gigabyte b8 motherboard Kingston hyper x 2×8gb 2666 Corsiar vs650 psu Evo 960 ssd Toshiba 1tb hdd Gtx 1070 gigabyte So i built my pc from the ground up. I connected the gpu the last and when i do nothing comes up the on the monitor. But when take it off it works. Any help
  18. IInuyasha74

    The History Of Intel CPUs

    From the 4004 in 1971 to Skylake in 2015, we look at the evolution of Intel's CPUs. The History Of Intel CPUs : Read more
  19. B

    M600 Lenovo Malfunction

    My top side mouse button doesn't work, but is "tabbing" over everything in a twitchy manner. What is the cause? In games, it just quick twitches. In browsers, it keeps selecting things as if pressing the tab button.
  20. J

    Thermal paste on CPU pins

    I have a very small amount of thermal paste on one to two of my CPU pins. I wiped most of it off And the front of the pin (where it connects to the motherboard) is clear of thermal paste. You can only see the thermal paste if you're really looking for it. Should I clean it more before I put it...