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  1. V

    new build wont boot

    I have just assembled a new computer on completion it wouldn't boot not even to bios and no beeps. The mother board has several leds the one for dram turns is yellow from the start no others light up. Before purchasing I checked both processor and ram on the qvl losts for the board. I've removed...
  2. F

    Gigabyte won't boot from SSD alone but will in dual boot

    Gigabyte GA-H110M-S2H with Toshiba 500gb HDD and Samsung 860 Evo 500gb SSD, BIOS version F25. Did a fresh install of Windows 10 Home on the SSD because I couldn't clone it from the HDD (different sector sizes). Used MS Media Creation Tool to do that. With both drives connected and BIOS settings...
  3. N

    white led cpu on motherboard when switched on

    I unplugged everything from my motherboard, I took the motherboard out from my case and onto an anti-static bag, then I took the cooler off, took the old thermal paste off with isopropyl, then the same with my cpu (kept in socket). Then applied new thermal paste to the cpu (pea size), put the...
  4. G

    AM4 b350 vs x370 vs x470

    I currently have a MSI b350 gaming plus motherboard with a Ryzen 7 1800x (a recent upgrade from my original Ryzen 5 1600). It has always been my intention to upgrade my board to take full advantage of the 1800x but I don't know if I even bother or if I did, should I go x370 or x470. At...
  5. H

    Mobo powers on everything (cpu fan, leds on mobo) but no display

    I'm building a pc and I think i messed up my motherboard by trying to install a heatsink. the instructions kind of sucked and i didn't have a screw mount in. i was touching the back of the mobo a lot trying to get everything set up. I wore an anti-static wristband, but it's very static-y in my...
  6. H

    My PC case and motherboard light is blinking - PLEASE HELP!

    Hello everybody, I recently built my PC last week. After using the Ryzen Master software to overclock my processor, it said that I needed to restart my system in order for the changes to take affect. I did so, and my system just turned off without rebooting. I turned it back on, and the case...
  7. L

    CPU Temperature fluctuations

    My i7 8700 fluctuates between 53-65 while gaming on ultra settings. It sometimes spikes to 72 when there is a lot to render in screen. Is this normal CPU temp range? I worry it will shorten the lifespan of CPU when it gets hot constantly. I have an Auros H370 Gaming 3, GTX 1080 WIndforce...
  8. K

    Will the 2070 RTX bottleneck with an 6600k? states my cpu is too weak for the 2080, though it doesn't have the option to calculate with a 2070... should I be concerned?
  9. H

    Im not sure what to upgrade to

    My pcs specs right now are an athlon x4 860k, 8dgb ddr3 at 1600mhz, zotac 1050ti oc 500w psu, a igabyte fm2+ motherboard the rest is pretty standard but im not sure what to upgrade im defenitly upgrading the case the a nzxt case but for cpu i think i will go ryzen 5 2600 and motherboard Asus...
  10. G

    Help deciding between 7820x or a 2920x

    Hi all! I have a 7820x build that I put together before threadripper came out. Now my x299 board is slowly diying, so I figured I should look into AMD. My wife uses it to run multiple virtual machines that run genetic sequencing. The VMs are very memory intensive, so will moving to the 2920x...
  11. S

    Question AMD Ryzen 5 2400g CPU Frequency Unstable while gaming

    Hello everyone and thanks in advance for your time. My CPU won't stabilize the frequency no matter what I do and it's causing me FPS drops and performance issues in games. If I manually adjust the Minimum processor state and the Maximum processor state settings of ANY power plan including Ryzen...
  12. A

    Game stuttering only in ONE game, but why?

    Hey guys I'm in desperate need for help since one of my games stutters a lot. And I'm wondering why since people with lower end pc does not have any problems with it. My setup: CPU: i5 9600k OC to 4,8Ghz ( I have water cooler) GPU: Gtx 1070 ti 8GB RAM: 16GB(2x8) 3000 Mhz. EVGA G2 as PSU...
  13. K

    Pc turns on and off repeatedly in 3 second cycles

    I just got new motherboard today because my old one broke. When I put my pc back together it started turning off and on again repeatedly. The specs on my pc are as follows. Motherboard Ga-z97-hd3 Cpu I5-4460 16 GB ddr3 ram GPU Amd rx 550 HDD Sata 1 tb 460 Watt Psu I tried running the system...
  14. J

    Windows 10 | Sound acting very weird.

    Hey there, So for about a year now, i have had this SADES something something headset. It's chinese but it has amazing sound and very nice surround, especcially for the price. I have been using it on my pc, my laptop and my phone for the past year. I haven't had any trouble whatsoever. Until...
  15. R

    My Laptop is Overheating

    I’m using Samsung NP535U4X I have dual OS installed ■Windows 10 ■Windows 7 I have cleaned the fan, remove all the dust I could find. But this is what makes me don’t understand Windows 10 makes my laptop overheat, until it shutdowns itself (around 105°C) While using Windows 7 the maximum temp...
  16. C

    Pros and cons of enabling bluetooth

    Hi, Can you tell me what are the pros and cons of enabling bluetooth? Regards, Balaji.C
  17. A

    Samsung 22'' good or nah

    Hello guys.I just wanted to ask you if this monitor is a good deal.Now i broke my last monitor by punching it and i'm in need of a new one since i'm using my tv as a monitor and its not rly acceptable for gaming although it is really good for watching tv/yt...I found this monitor online for 38$...
  18. L

    G.Skill Trident Z RGB not running at 3200mhz, no XMP Profile in BIOS either.

    Hello guys, so recently I've built my gaming PC and the RAM I'm using is the G.Skill Trident Z RGB, dual channel 16GB. On the box and in the specs it says it can run at 3200mhz, but when settings it manually at 3200 in the BIOS my PC gives me a blue screen at startup. I also tried enabling XMP...
  19. AndrewFreedman

    Red Dead Redemption 2 Companion App Suggests PC Version Exists

    Some code in Red Dead Redemption 2's companion app suggest a PC version may be in developement. Red Dead Redemption 2 Companion App Suggests PC Version Exists : Read more
  20. S

    Looking for upgrade advice/opinions

    Thank everyone in advance who took their time to read thru this and respond, you are amazing! On to the issue at hand.. I really need to upgrade my whole pc asap because 750ti and i5-4460 are really not enough for me anymore and i'm having a debate with myself about what GPU to buy. The rest of...