God of Axion


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Hey there guys,

Tom's is considering partnering up with the game God of Axion, and we wanted to get your feedback on it. Any of you been following them, or in the Alpha already and have input?

Does this game look like something that would intrigue or interest you?

Thanks in advance!

Your friendly local Community goober,


Mar 12, 2012
Well, I'll bite. I took a look at it and it looks cheap and cheesy. Quite frankly, unless the gameplay is excellent, whatever deal that is made would work out much better for Axion's publisher, not Tom's.
I think Tom's can do better, they have a name and history.


Sep 10, 2012
Well, I gave it some time... this is not your typical RPG, but rather more of a Strategy game... very deep gameplay with the ability to work together with others in alliances and many interesting characters/units and options to advance... I got hooked a little and will continue to play to give a more in depth opinion -- but so far this is much above my expectations.


Dec 21, 2011
God of Axion intrigued me from early on in the first Alpha testing. What sets them apart from other MMORTS games is the Development team, and their close relationship with the players. Player feedback is taken into account and always listened to, Forum posts are answered, and when bugs happen they seem to be really on top of it. Their execution is above the normal by a great deal, and the game play is very deep as Charlie pointed out. Many different strategies, different ways to play, and social aspect is getting there with alliances, soon to be released chat system, and other new elements being added all the time.
I took a 8 week break for a job I had, and when i came back to the game I was amazed at how far they had come during that time. I think they are on to something here, and wish them all the best. I sure don't want to lose this game. It definitely helps me relax at the end of a hard day.