Good gaming Rig?/ need advice


Apr 1, 2009
I was looking to buy a new gaming rig, i have monitor, case, mouse&keyboard,

I was looking at the following :

_E7400, processor
_foxconn digilife p35ap-s (takes ddr2 & ddr3), motherbord
_HIS radeon HD 4850 IceQ, gpu
_2-4 gb ddr2 800 or ddr3

What do you guys think? Is it good and will it run the latest games, please give advice...I dont have a big budget.
Hi... just to have a clear idea, what is your budget and where are you from..If you are from US, we can give parts listed from for reference...or do you have any site preference...
Give us these info so we can help better...

I have a similar spec computer , but mines an overclocked e7300 with 2 gig of RAM running XP .

On a 19 inch monitor it runs about 35 FPS in Crysis on high . I expect it will play most games on a 22 inch lcd OK

If you overclock the e7400 by setting the FSB to 333 you can expect better performance than an e8400 at stock speed . You might need a better cooler .