[SOLVED] Good keyboard for programming and gaming

Feb 17, 2019
I'm looking for a keyboard that'd be good for coding and gaming. The price should be around 100€ or less. I prefer keyboards with wrist rest pads, not very sensitive keys and It would be a plus if it isn't very loud.
Also, it'd be nice if the keyboard is in Europe.


There are so many different keyboards feels it is just about impossible to pick one without trying them out.

MX Red, MX Brown, Kailh Silver (similar to Red), MS Silent (those are quiet but don't require much force and don't have a lot of key travel before activation.

Best thing you can do is find some stores in your area that may have things on display, or ask around your friends/relatives, co workers what they use and see what you like. In US BestBuy stores often have several brands of keyboards on display to try things.
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Feb 27, 2019
I use the Drevo Gmmr. It is not quite 60% not quite not quite tenkeyless.
This means you have keys like home and end for programming but no 10 keys that get in the way of your mouse.
It has home and end buttons which I find endlessly useful and it comes with cherry mx red, brown or which ever type of switch you like... CLONES. However I am very satisfied with my brown switches.
I have had the keyboard for two years and it hasn't one sign of wear and tear due to the keycaps which are removeable if you need to clean it.
I got it for £25 at the time. The seller on ebay no longer sells them however I'm sure someone will sell it cheaper than that link^^^ shows.

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