Discussion Google & Microsoft


Oct 25, 2017
I have a hard time to choose between those two companies for my main services. What I mean, currently my main browser is Google Chrome, my main note app is Google Keep, my main office suit is from Google, my main authenticator is of Google, my main cloud service is Google Drive, my main email and calendar is of Google & my phone is Android that uses Google services. You could probably think of me as a Google fan. However, I noticed vast improvement in Microsoft corporation. For example their newest browser "Edge" seems as good as Google Chrome and delivers everything that I need. Their Onenote that comes freely on Windows is also very great and it's write in the Windows. Their free web office suit seems also not bad comparing to Google suit and Onedrive also seems not bad, however gives less free space than Google Drive. And their Windows 10 is definitely huge improvement over previous Windows versions. I clearly see that Microsoft is doing their best to improve as much as possible and I'm thinking now should I switch to Microsoft or keep with Google? Should I give Microsoft a chance? Or just stay to good old Google? To be honest, I have hard time to choose now. I would like to hear others opinions about this.