Google Ramps Up Fight Against Deceptive Software Installations, Aims For 'Clean Software' Industry Standards

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So does this mean that we will no longer get the offer to install Google Toolbar with other software? Because that is just as bad to me.

Even better, will they stop offering me Chrome every time I use Google Maps on FF or IE/Edge? Tired of saying "No Thank You".


Feb 19, 2011
google is a spyware, in theyr installations there are no option. And you CAN'T disable the automatic updates ! Same for Windows 10 installation, the 'custom installation' is hidden. This should not be legal.


Google is the main problem. Leave that spyware alone. First there are people making a living off fixing PCs.
Second: Google doesn't fight's fighting competition - we all get sick of Google's Toolbar bullexcrement and Chrome offers and filtering of search results without asking its users if they want their searches filtered....sick of Google providing links to shops that pay them money first, instead of being know what, atomic bombs over Google would do the world a favor.
I don't get you people, saying 'Google is the problem'.
I fix computers and earn money from that. But I would definitively like this to be successful.
There is no way you can comoare google toolbar with these browser hijackers. Google toolbar is usually clearly shown, and even if you install it, just 1-click uninstall it and everything is back to normal.
Try to do the same with any browser hijacker, and as soon as you restart it will be right back, you need ither kind of tools.

And for the persln who said 'There are people making a living fixing PCs', it's the same as saying 'let people be sick, doctors need patients'. Just because people profit from some misfortune, doesn't mean we shouldn't try to fix the root problem.

On some particular software installs, you have to look for 3-4 hidden 'decline' buttons, and read everything very carefully, and even then you might make a mistake.



I see you clearly understand what I mean - yes, it's the exact same thing. As a doctor, I wouldn't want a planet with no patients.
Yes, I want a certain amount of people to be sick, because my survival depends on that. It's the trophic chain.
As a fisher I wouldn't want a sea with no fish.
As a cab driver I wouldn't want autonomous cars.
Tell eagles not to wish they had a dead animal's body to devour. Tell worms not to wish organisms died.

Of course solutions to a problem will eventually bring other problems we'll eventually be paid to solve, but I don't like Google eating into my bread. And Microsh*t definitely shouldn't have made the Windows install process easier. They shouldn't have included Windows Defender as an antivirus either.
As an antivirus company, I wouldn't want a virus-free world (cough, cough,'s how they're making a living, creating viruses only their own software can immediately detect and block, COUGH).

The moment I pirate something, prostitutes (unholywood, to name a sect) go crazy over how I'm taking money from them.
Well, I hope these guys face the same fate as pirates do, since they're taking money from me.
And this leads to creating demand in order to get where you need to get. They do it everyday, who says we shouldn't?


Mar 10, 2011
Pathetic. All of you who are upset that this will take away from you "make a living", grow up. And grow professionally, more important. Removing toolbars from people's PCs is the sewage cleaning of the IT world. Don't you WANT this crap gone so you can break free from fixing it and move in to more interesting things and have a cleaner world? You remind me of the street lamp lighters who protested against electrify lighting being introduced simply because thst would cost them their jobs. Jobs are only relevant for as long as society needs them, if you try to artificially restrict progress just so you can "make a living", you are a cancer.

Oh, and I guess this means Google will not longer try to sneak Chrome on my system by bundling it with CCleaner or something like that... OH WAIT!

This will never change so they shouldn't be upset. I am just tired of telling Google that no I don't want Chrome and to not try to install a useless toolbar.
Just because it's the pot (Google) calling the kettle (poopware writers) black, doesn't mean the pot is white.
Chrome is specifically disallowed in the secure environment where I work due to its data collection and tracking. That's good enough for me; I'll NEVER use it.
EVERY motherboard install disk I've used over the last couple of years wants to install Chrome and the Google toolbar by default; nope, not happening.
I'm just getting a good chuckle out of google's stance on deception when recently they've been taken to task in the media for their google search results being rather deceptive when compared to identical searches in bing and yahoo. But that's none of my business lmao.



The problem with their search engine is filtering. If I wanted glasses through which to look at the world, well...some prostitute-butt governments are selling them for next to nothing. Tired of this excremental behavior coming from people with nothing but that in their heads.

Thankfully, there are plenty other search engines - thank God there's no such think as a Google monopoly.

But... But... I thought Bing just copies Googles search results......

It is quite funny. The best thing is that the first link from Google Search is a ad from their servers that almost always gets blocked by decent AV or a good firewall.


Dec 13, 2011
Google needs to take their own advice. Whein I install Java I do not want to install Chrome or Google Toolbar!!

When I browse Google Maps or Youtube I do not want to install Chrome for a better experience!!

So until Google stop bundling their software or misleading people into install it they can KMA!!!
I find it ironic that Google is pushing for cleaner software considering the Android Marketplace has the biggest collection of mobile apps with embedded malware/spyware hooks along with the flood of mobile app knock-offs.
Everyone is talking about the bad things that google does. But I think it's a lot more important to see the topic in question in the article: Blocking annoying and malicious software.
Even if it only blocks some of it (the ones not related to google), it's still a very good thing. A burglar that starts sending murderers to jail would be quite a good thing, in my opinion.
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