Question GPU gets to 85c, system shuts down


Aug 27, 2013
Hello, still trying to get this (occasional) issue addressed.

Radeon RX Vega GPU
INTEL i7-8700K CPU
Corair HX750 PSU

Most times, system runs fine.
OCCASIONALLY (and only when the GPU temp reaches 85c) system does an immediate shut down/power off, then an auto-reboot.

The question is about the system shutting down exactly at GPU Temp =85 degrees:
Is that temperature threshhold adjustable?
If so, is it in WINDOWS 10 somewhere, in the BIOS, in something related to ASUS or Radeon?

Again, GPU temp rarely gets there.
Feel like if I could bump the threshhold by even one degree to 86c it might keep the problem from ever happening.

Thank you.


Retired Mod
Do you have the MOST recent stable motherboard BIOS version installed or an older one?

Have you at any point since you began having these problems, using the DDU, done a complete uninstall of the AMD drivers and then a clean install of the latest AMD display drivers?

Fact is, the Vega cards suck. They all had thermal issues without water cooling. They all had power limit problems. And a LOT of them simply died early deaths because of those two issues. They also had a LOT of problems with voltage spikes, and those voltage spikes generally tended to happen when the card was really warmed up, because that is when it was likely pulling the biggest load and would spike. I know of quite a few people who had to go with bigger power supplies just to accommodate the spikes because they card would shut down.

WHICH VEGA card do you have?

What case do you have?

What kind of case fan arrangement do you have?

CPU cooler?

I'd also make sure you have the latest chipset driver for your motherboard installed as well.