Question GPU Issue

Mar 26, 2019
Hi! So I bought a Red Devil RX 580 8gb on ebay for a steal because it was used in a mining farm (properly undervolted and in a cold room). At first I would be able to get the computer to boot for short amounts of time before it would eventually freeze (roughly five minutes). During this short time I never was able to get the drivers properly installed. I thought it to be a thermal paste issue, so I replaced the thermal paste with thermal grizzly, but now I can no longer get the computer to boot when the card is in place. It always gets through the windows loading screen and freezes upon the black screen with spirals in the bottom section of the screen. When I was replacing the thermal paste though, I saw this type of sticky "goop" or some substance on various parts of the pcb... didn't think too much of it at the time but now I am unsure of what to do and looking for advice. The pcb is pictured below:
So should I try to wipe off the goo from the pcb... or what should I try? Thanks in advance for the help!!!


Looks like you got taken. That card looks to be toast to me. I'm no expert on circuit boards, exactly, but that is definitely not normal and looks like some kind of seepage. Usually that sort of seepage might be seen around failed capacitors, which those are not, so I'm not 100% certain WHAT exactly that is, but it is definitely not normal.

It's also possible that they've modified the BIOS to work better with mining, in which case, the standard drivers for that card are not going to work. You would need to reflash the card with the correct BIOS that it came with in order for that to work properly as a gaming card if that's the case. Not uncommon. We see it all the time with cards that were used for mining.