Question GPU Overclocking not working


Aug 9, 2017
I've followed some instructions how to OC my gpu in certain ways, but once playing any sorts of games like Overwatch or Apex Legends, they all end up crashing. Sometimes crashing my PC. I'm not sure where I went wrong or maybe is that i don't have the right components for GPU OC.

My PC:
GPU: Gigabyte g1 1060 6gb
CPU: Ryzen 5 2600
RAM:TridentZ 3000mhz DDR4 2x8gb
MOBO: AX370- Gigabyte-K5 (compitable for 2nd Ryzens)
PSU: EVGA 750W non-modular

More information needed. Let me know


Aug 9, 2017
1. Do your games work fine without an overclock?

2. Are you sure your overclock is stable?

If you are crashing, means you aren't stable, so back down your core and/or memory clocks.
My games are fone without OC. But I want to see and know if its good when im Streaming. But it still crashes even when without streaming. And I have powers the cares and/or memory clocks but its still crashes. I use this softeare called Gigabyte Xtreme Engine Utility. Which is compatible for my gpu. It already has a OC preset but its barely anything.


What are you using to stability test your OC before you go into gaming?

What are you OCing your 1060 to?
Core only? or VRAM also?
Are you applying more or manual voltage when you OC?
Are you increasing the power limit when you OC?
Gpu and cpu are same thing, a chip made of silicon. As such each chip does and will respond slightly differently. Some OC higher at higher voltages, some OC higher at lower voltages, some don't OC much at all with any voltage. It's called the silicon lottery. Your gpu is slightly different to the one in the video, so you may or may not get his exact numbers. You might get more memory, lower clocks, or higher clocks and lower memory or may even need to bump the voltage up or change the power target to do so.

Just because he attained those numbers is no guarantee that you will.
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Feb 23, 2019
I will say that gigabyte utility program is horrible, and afterburner or Nvidia inspector work better for me. Do a little more research specially when dealing with something like this