Question GPU Spike - NVIDIA 1660 Ti

Jan 29, 2020
I have the following components for my PC

I have just completed a build (I'm a beginner, first build ever) and everything is working out, up until I tried playing some games (The Division 2, The Witcher 3, Dauntless). I noticed that I was able to play up until the point where it either freezes the games or crash it entirely. Everything else were not affected and I only see it happen when I was playing.

So I tried and monitored the CPU and GPU and I saw that each time the game freezes/crash, the GPU would spike (drop to 0, then to 100 then to something to a range of 0-10%). I've tried to look online and everything but can't seem to pinpoint what happened and how to fix it. That's why I was hoping for some insight here with regards to that. Any suggestions are welcomed! Did a clean install already, DDU, and everything. I've also monitored the temperatures of both CPU and GPU and max for GPU is around 78C while the CPU is just 60C.

I ran Malwarebytes, did a virus scan and ran CCleaner as well but did not found anything.


This is my benchmark scores as well
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