[SOLVED] GPU usage 100%

Sep 4, 2019
Hey guys!

Yesterday i reinstalled my windows and i downloaded GTA V from rockstar. I opened the game and it was moving like hell... i tried to make a few changes in the settings but with no result... So i installed Nvidia Geforce experience to help me optimize my game settings. I clicked on optimize and guess what... Almost all the settings where at very high but the game was running really well. The problem is that i see in the GTA settings menu that 2400Mb (video memory) is used from 2000Mb... My GPU is not overheating, like, it's 60-63 °C... and the GPU usage is at 100%.

The thing that i wanna know is that: Can this cause any damage to my graphics card?

PS: I have a GTX 650 TI BOOST