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  1. shadowgameur57

    some of my games stutters on windows 11

    hello i have a little problem you see in only a few games steam games or no steam games i have stutters in these when i'm playing them in fullscreen can somebody help me?
  2. mora06

    Question Cursor acceleration pc, losing smoothness

    Hello guys, Context : i am a fps enjoyer and i can't aim with this! Sorry for bad english ! It's happening of both of my pc so i don't think this is a hardware problem but who knows. I'm posting videos who shows the problem on windows and on games where i shake my mouse for 5 seconds and...
  3. aracua

    Question Games keep crashing on new PC build

    So i built a new PC pretty recently and have since then had problems with games crashing a little too often. It's mainly newer games on the more demanding side that keeps crashing and at first i thought it was the games themselves that had problems but with the amount of crashes i get i'm...
  4. maksiks

    Question Any good hyper lightweight recording programs?

    I am searching for a lightweight program to record games (mainly just Minecraft), I usually have somewhat stable fps but not on recording while using OBS. Shadowplay doesn't exist on my graphic card, Xbox Game Bar doesn't work either. Anything actually lightweight I can find is either under a...
  5. C

    Question Black rectangle present in certain games (not related to aspect ratio)

    I've run into a strange problem that I've never seen before. While playing certain games, there's a black rectangle that appears on the left-middle part of the game's display. Here's a couple of examples: View: View: This issue...
  6. Camfred30

    Question Rocket League overlay bug - - - - grey circle ?

    my friend has this weird issue on whenever he enters freeplay on rocket league he gets this grey circle overlay and it changes size whenever he changes resolution, want to know how to get rid of it. cannot find anything online over it. ive attatched a link to what it looks like. thank you
  7. G

    Question My PC And Games (Handle)

    Hello, So my PC is GTX 770 And AMD FX 8320 and I know it is a very old pc and the parts are very old but I was wondering if is it still decent for old games? Like the games that don't require much for example hidden object games and those other games that are not demanding? Thank you
  8. P

    Question All games freeze randomly

    Hi, after a Nvidia gpu driver update, all of my games started freezing randomly, like 5 seconds fluid gameplay, and then a freeze for 1 sec. It also happens more frequently when I rotate the camera inside the game. I tried DDU, clean gpu driver install, but it didn't work. Can you help me...
  9. Inver_ShaRingan

    Question Can M.2 NVMe cause stuttering in games ?

    For some reason games installed on my Crusial P3 Plus (PCiE 4.0) 3.0 in use as 10th Intel doesn't support 4.0, games stutter. I9 10900k with Two tower cooling 16gb 3600mhz cl16 Crusial Ballistix RTX 2070 strix Z490 Msi gaming plus While installing something, when this drive was used as...
  10. W

    Question List of pc games for my core i3 laptop

    List of pc games for my core i3 laptop Device name DESKTOP-STS4S9D ( dell Inspiron 15 3501) Processor 11th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-1115G4 @ 3.00GHz 3.00 GHz Installed RAM 12.0 GB (11.7 GB usable) Device ID 0F9807FA-A853-4010-BBCA-4048AD0D4885 Product ID...

    Question Fps dropping when moving mouse and in general low fps

    I wanted to find out why my pc is underperforming and why I get frame drops when I move my mouse in a game. I'll answer questions in the comments Specs: CPU: Ryzen 5 5600G GPU: RTX 3060 Mobo: MSI B550M Mortar PSU: EVGA 700W Gold Memory: 8GBx2 SSD: Samsung 980 HDD: Seagate Barracuda 7200rpm 1TB...
  12. helpforlostgames

    Question Can't find a game from playstation 2 or 3

    Hello fellow gamers, In the approximate period of 2011 to 2014 (don't remember the year) my brother had a PS 2 or 3 with a couple games that I loved as a kid. I'm trying to find some of them, see if there maybe is a version for PS 4 or 5 so I can play them again. Details of game 1: The CD...
  13. Texashuman

    Question Heroic Launcher in Linux on Chromebook

    I have no idea what happened. Logged completely off the Chromebook and back on and now the Heroic Launcher is in a LINUX APPS FOLDER and it ran and I was able to log into Gog and Epic. I just purchased an Acer Chromebook Vero 514 - CBV514-1H-55VP Activating the Linux was easy. I set it for 40...
  14. VermilionNeko

    Question Can’t use PS4 controller on Windows 11 ?

    Hi I’m really stuck with this. I recently bought a new gaming laptop over Christmas and very recently started setting it up. However, one thing I can’t get working is my PS4 controller. I’ve yet to try my Xbox 360 wired controller, so once I have, I’ll report back about that. The PS4 controller...
  15. qjit

    Question Recently since i have downloaded Warzone on Steam i have noticed a possible graphical bug and i do not know how to fix it ?

    As the title above suggests i have been having problems with my warzone game that i have recently downloaded on steam and am now wishing i didn't as it has cased me one recurring problem with the visibility of the game and it has prevented me from being able to actually play the game as you can...
  16. LadyLoztris

    Question Which games could potentially run on my netbook ?

    FIRST POST: Mind if you guys tell me which games could potentially run on my netbook (Upwards to 1995-2005) DETAILS: Intel(R) Atom N450 @ 1.66 GHz. Intel GMA 3150 2 GB of RAM Windows 7 By the way, I tested Lego Racers (1999) in that netbook, and it ran well, so some games from the 90s will...
  17. P

    Question Games crashing/computer crashing

    So I've been having problems with games crashing, and some of those times my entire pc either black screening or blue screening. The images attached are slightly old, the differences are that now i have a top intake and a front intake for a 360 aio liqiuid cooler. So i didnt have these problems...
  18. StarFoxGM

    [SOLVED] Low Frame Rate on High End PC

    Hello. I recently upgraded my PC with an RTX 3060ti and a Ryzen 7 5700x (temps are normal), but I still get 50-60 fps in games like Warzone 2 or Battlefield 2042 and similar. What can I do to fix this problem?
  19. R

    Question Why are my games crashing that use Unity and Unreal Engine ?

    Hey all, I'm hoping to find help here. I've had these issues plague me for so long and have scoured the internet to find fixes, but none of them seem to help. I'm running out of ideas and this is one of my last ditch efforts to find some way to resolve the issue. It seems when I play any Unreal...
  20. P

    Question I've got a super strange problem.

    One day, my PC hard crashed, the screen was stuck, no bluescreen etc. couldn't even turn it off. So I unplugged it from the wall. Then I tried plugged it back in, and tried to start it. No display output, cpu LED red, ram LED yellow. So I disassembled the whole pc, built it back together to make...
  21. C

    Question PC Has Been Underperforming Recently

    So, I've had my current computer for about 3 years now, and it seems that only recently I've been dropping a significant number of frames in games. I've been playing CS:GO recently and I've even been dropping into even the 60FPS range when there's lots of rendering happening (players, particles...
  22. killcount001

    Question built a new pc and game audio is different now

    hello, so i built a new pc with a 3060 and 5600 paired with a gigabyte b450m DS3H but now all my games sound different. i played on a gaming laptop before and for fps games left and right were a lot more clear, now i cannot tell where people are because it plays audio from way to far away and...
  23. C

    Question I need help to know if I should update the Bios.

    Hi, I'm new to this forum so I don't know if it's right to post so quickly but I don't know where else to ask. This is my Pc: -Windows 10 -Motherboard Gigabyte Z590 UD (no wifi version) (2666Mhz Max on 10th gen - 5000+Mhz 11th gen). -I5 10400 (I know this Cpu is not the best choice for this...
  24. A

    Question Games stutter heavily but only in fullscreen mode ?

    I recently upgraded to windows 11 and facing a weird problem in games. When I open a game in fullscreen mode it starts to stutter heavily even if my fps is showing 60. But when I go to windowed mode all of the shuttering vanishes in an instant. Also one thing to note, if I switch tab (alt+tab)...
  25. V

    Question Laptop display port to 2k external monitor games microstutter or fps drops

    hello guys.I have a gigabyte a5 x1 laptop with ryzen 9 5900hx and rtx 3070.Recently i bought a 2k monitor from dell with 165hz.I tried connecting the laptop with 3 method 1,usb type c display port to display port,2 mini display port to dp,3 hdmi to hdmi.When im using the 2 display port...
  26. skyfall19448

    Question Alienware laptop FPS drops with two chargers connected to it ?

    Hey I have an Alienware Area 51m R1 and when I'm playing with both chargers connected the FPS drops too low and I can't play. Usually drops from 200 fps to 30 fps When I leave only one charger connected the FPS remains stable around 180 fps to 200 fps. Check in the BIOS and when the two are...
  27. mattesos

    Question FPS problem in games

    GPU : Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ventus OC 6GB CPU : i5 9400f 16 GB Ram The PC is 3 years old Hello. I have FPS problem in games. For example, in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 I get 40-70 FPS even on the lowest details. I also have this problem in, for example, GTA V and other games. Others have...
  28. alxhr22

    Question Rectangle Artifacts while playing games or watching movies - Monitor: Benq 28 LED TN 4k UHD

    This monitor presents rectangle artifacts in photos, movies, games and videos, especially in dark areas. How to fix it?
  29. H

    [SOLVED] Games reset CPU multiplier at launch

    Hello everyone, I come to you because I have a problem overclocking my processor and I can't find the solution. I overclocked my processor from the BIOS by increasing the voltage as well as the multiplier of it. Overclocking is stable on OCCT as well as cinebench so far so good. The problem...
  30. D

    Question I cant change the colour settings on my games

    Hi, I've just built a new PC, everything is new except my storage. When I try to change colour settings in nvidia control panel it changes the settings of youtube videos but I cant get games to change. Any idea how I can fix this? I think it could be do to old drivers on my SSD, is there an...
  31. S

    Question Can anyone clearly explain powe difference between i5,7, and 9

    To explain my situation, I recently got a 3090 TI and tried to play cyberpunk to test it out. It gets about 88 frames in open areas on max graphics but In crowded cities it's still about 30 fps and stuttery. I turn graphics to minimum and still no change in fps. I have an i59600k @4.6Mhz. My...
  32. Antoin Marc

    Question There is game frame drop when the AC adapter is suddenly connected to the laptop

    Hi everyone! I have a laptop Dell Precision M4800 When there is a game running on battery, the frames are ok, and when the adapter gets suddenly plugged in frame drop occurs Brief : 1- If it is running from beginning on battery, frames are ok unless ac adapter gets suddenly connected. 2- If...
  33. Y

    Question Help! Games Stuttering/Crashing on RTX 3060 with i5 8600k.

    Recently I've been experiencing stutters and crashes while gaming, I upgraded from GTX 1050ti to RTX 3060, and I used DDU to uninstall any instances of previous GPU drivers and freshly install new GPU drivers. Firstly I thought that maybe games were on my HDD and that's why they must be...
  34. D

    Question Games crashing after 2 minutes on Lenovo Y720

    After 2 minutes of gameplay, certain games crash. The game stops, the sound goes on and then black screen (sometimes with colorful artifacts) and then the game closes. This started happening out of thin air two days ago and I suspect that my GPU is dying. Is the GPU really dying or is there...
  35. Brrrunno

    [SOLVED] Disks acting sus

    Hi! I have a problem with two of my disks, one SSD and one HDD. They work as usual, I can copy, move or install things on them. The problem starts when I want to play games, they will take a LOT to start, textures and animations won't load, and sometimes it suddenly crashes the entire S.O...
  36. E

    [SOLVED] Frame drop causes stutters in powerful PC rig in most games

    Hello my name is Aaron I will start by posting my specs and temps RT 6700xt 32gb ram Ballistix 3000mhz RM850x Corsair psu Icue H150I Caprllix liquid cooler ryzen 7 3700x 4 case fans all LL120rgb Gigabyte Ultra Durable B550m mobo 2tb Hdd 7200rpm (for most games) 1tb nvme m.2 SSD ( for os and...
  37. Lontellin

    Question CPU usage spike?

    I'm running i7 4770 and 1050ti, 16gb of ram. When I play dota 2 at medium-high settings. I get 60fps stable and frametime stable at 16.2ms. Cpu usage is like 20-30% and gpu is 60-80%. And after a couple of minutes my CPU usage went up in 70-90% all of a sudden. And my fps went 60 to 40ish. When...
  38. X

    Question Why aren't there many Alien themed fps games ?

    Just Crysis and Halo, why doesn't this genre (fiction) get much attention from game companies when there is so much potential ? Also Crysis and Gears of war aren't much interesting to play and also BS from creativity point of view.
  39. Zxya

    Question Drives disappearing after opening/downloading any game.

    This started happening when I reinstalled windows because my ram got damaged a year ago, i tried playing games and a lot of the time they crash and the drive disappears, this first happened with steam and now almost every game. i need help.
  40. David3366yeah

    Question FPS drops in Phasmaphobia ?

    I have a high end gaming pc and don't understand why I sometimes get 0 FPS for a second in Phasmaphobia ? it only happens in Phasmaphobia. My specs: Sparkoon 700w Rtx 3050 8gb i5-11400f 32gb ddr4 3200