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  1. s4v4ge_cut1e

    Question Low GPU usage in some games(2-10%)

    Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen! I have some issue with my system. 2 weeks ago I played Battlefield 5 on middle settings with stable fps, but then I downloaded Warzone. I was happy to play it again (i played it a year ago on this laptop), but, my gameplay was awful. Like i had not fully loaded...
  2. L

    Question i'm suddenly getting weird fps drops

    Hey everyone, this is my first post. I've been playing pc games for a long time and I suddenly am experiencing this sudden, odd FPS problem. I don't know how to fix it. I've been trying for about a week with different methods. For example, I typically I get around a consistent 400-600 fps in...
  3. Kuklopsz33

    Question High-end pc stuttering (frametime spikes)

    (Sorry for my bad english, Im not a native speaker) I got frametime spikes in every game. In the pictures that I sent I played with Assasins Creed Valhalla (and one picture with rocket league). I usually get frametime spikes when a new animation, effect or objects appear (in rocket league if...
  4. shadowcat777

    Question quick question: oc i5 8600k

    I have a i5 8600k oc at 5ghz with 1.415v temps in games are fine (usually 65-72c) I have looked around on google and ppl say different things Some say that the voltage is not the problem but the heat others say not to go more than 1.4v So my question is; Is my oc to 5ghz safe at 1.415v If my...
  5. Chopp

    Question Please help... all games crashing

    Hello, i recently upgraded from a FX-6300 to a Ryzen 3 3300x. Ever since the new upgrade, all my games have been crashing. This includes GTA V, CSGO, PTTR, Cooking Sim etc. Only one that worked was cities skylines. FYI: Yes, i have the latest drivers, also removed them with DDU and put them...
  6. Sgtjacques

    Question Curious about underclocking for crypto mining

    Hello, im a bit curious as to why you underclock a card for crypto mining and what may happen if you dont underclock it while mining. Im also curious as to what could happen if you were playing a game while crypto mining.
  7. boredagain99

    Question Monitor turns off when playing games ?

    My PC Monitor suddenly turns off while playing games but the issue does not occur when playing Low-End Games like GTA San Andreas and etc. The issue occurs when I'm trying to play GTA V, Sniper Elite 2, and Metro Last Light Redux. When my monitor is off my PC is still on. PS: My GPU is brand...
  8. T

    Question Packet Loss every minute

    Hello, I have a linksys WUSB6400M wireless network adapter connected to my pc. I play multiplayer games and Every minute I have packet loss and my entire game freezes. It stops after about 2-5 seconds and it comes back to normal. I’ve brought it back to the store and they tested it and it was...
  9. d4rkrage

    Question Apps keep crashing after launch

    Help pls my pc crashes certain apps (like warzone) after launching. But it doesnt to do it with all games for example i can play gta, beamng drive, rust but i cant play roblox, warzone, dead by daylight and some more i think. Yes i can run all of these games. I have tried everything and yt...
  10. Ivan21325123

    Question ALL games constantly CRASHING on WINDOWS 10

    Hello, I bought a PC recently and everything was all good until ALL games started crashing. My specs: Intel® Core™ i5-750 Processor 8M Cache, 2.66 GHz AMD RX 470 4GB 8GB RAM 500SSD - I have tried to reinstall graphics card drivers(it didn't work) and I replaced my PSU with a new...
  11. N

    Question GTX 1660 Super shows low gpu usage sometimes ?

    Hello, I have problem about my GPU usage. When i just open some game and there are not a lot of effects and textures i can get good fps and about 90%+ gpu usage, but when there is some action, my gpu usage goes to 50% so does my fps goes around 40 and its laggy. I have good power plan, settings...
  12. refaelagronov

    Question PC Crash

    Hello, I have a new PC that I bought 3months ago and now it's started 2 crashes every few hours what I can do? I trayed to off XMP and still didn't help. temperatures in-game/ system normal to my specs same as PSU. can someone help me, please? Specs: 3600X B550 Gaming X 16GB 3600 Cl18...
  13. MMaTYY0

    [SOLVED] Is it okay to use Windows low power mode when gaming?

    Hey there, I have my HP Omen 15 2019 and when I am playing intense games, the laptop overheats even underclocked, on a cooling pad (not repasted yet). I found out, that if I am gaming in Windows' low power mode, the temperatures are better, and I don't care about lower FPS and performance. My...
  14. Garetto

    Question Find old childhood pc game

    Hello guys, im looking for an old PC game I used to play when I was a child and it almost drives me insane because I can't find it. I would guess the game was released anywhere between 1997 and 2005. I was a kinda snowball rolling puzzle game. The main character was a girl with Green Hair and...
  15. boredagain99

    [SOLVED] Will it Bottleneck?

    Intel i5-3570 + GeForce GTX 1060 6GB
  16. games_addict

    Question Gaming is good for your health.. it's proved!

    It is just one of those random thoughts that hit me from time to time. I was wondering what are the actual damages that games can cause to us. I've been looking it up and found out that it's not as bad as it seems to be. In some articles, they even mentioned how good it could be for us to play...
  17. A

    Question Games crashing after bios update and changing CPU settings

    I've been having issues since yesterday where any game I try and play crashes. For RDR2, it will run for a minute, CPU usage will reach 100% and then freeze/crash. It will pop-up with ERR_GFX_STATE. The same happens in Assassins Creed Valhalla and Tomb Raider, with different errors. Cinebench...
  18. Ashley122

    Question Can Run it ?

    Hi <3 what a good game for my pc q6600 3ghz 4gb gtx 560 Sorry my old pc is beyond my budget
  19. games_addict

    Question What games to play?

    Hello everyone. Well, I wanted to try new games to play and I had to look up some good games. As it took me a long time searching for good games and after trying them I can confirm the ones I personally found good. If you are looking for games to play that have a good review, then this is the...
  20. Y

    Question micro freezing in games

    Hi. So my pc keeps randomly micro freezing in games, i've tried pretty much everything i know and it didn't fix the issue what i tried : Reinstalling OS and manually installing chipset drivers \ direct x \ visuals c Reinstalling OS and letting windows download anything it needs Overclocking and...