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    Question Black textures in most games

    Lately, I've been noticing that in some games the textures have been glitching. They're just black squares, and not showing anything. I've been experiencing this in most of the games like ROBLOX, and Zula. Minecraft and CS: WaRzOnE on the other hand are just fine. This was happening in the past...
  2. A

    Question unique concept games for pc?

    are they any more games like portal and mirror's edge? the one where there are no fighting(i know both have a little fighting but only a little) but unique kind of concept and gameplay? also for low end pc( thats why i didn't mentioned portal 2 and mirror's edge catalyst) thanks in advance
  3. A

    [SOLVED] binary domain 2012 for low end pc?

    do you think binary domain (2012) game will run with 30 fps on lowest setting and 800x600 resolution on this specs? Windows 7 Ultimate Processor: AMD E-350D APU with Radeon HD Graphics 1.60 GHz RAM: Samsung DDR 4 GB (3.61 usable) Graphics card: AMD Radeon HD 6310 Graphics 64-bit Operating...
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    Question My 4670k is getting super warm...

    I recently bought a intel i5 4670k and i realized that it was very warm while gaming, max was around 83 C and minmum was somwhere around 73 C and this was with a be quiet Pure Rock Slim cooler on turbo. For comparison i have a diffrent pc with a ryzen 3 1200 and its overclocked at 3.8 Ghz with...
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    Question good games for low end pc?

    so i have a very low end pc and i have tried like 80 games but none of them works well, except these five ( timeshift, gears of war, devil may cry 4, bioshock and dark sector) and these are actually pretty good/perfect games but are there any more games like these? like with good graphics, pc...
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    Question Strange blue artifacts - mostly in Windows

    Hi guys, This is pretty long winded so try to bare with me. The Problem: For the past few weeks sometimes when I boot my computer and log into windows there is a strange blue artifacting, almost like sand. Restarting the computer or even changing my resolution seemed to fix it, however lately...
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    Question How do I change the primary download of steam games from my SSD to Hard Drive?

    I have just got a new PC with an SSD. The primary download of steam games and any other downloads is to the SSD which has run out of space to download more games and apps. How do I change in steam to make the primary download the hard drive, not the SSD? (When I press install on one of my...
  8. feemonts

    Question I7-4790K Still Worth it? Or do I need an upgrade

    Hi, I have a CPU I7-4790K (not OC, just the Base clock) GTX970 4GB 12GB DDR3 I can run the recent games (Odyssey, Sekiro, RAGE2, RE2, Darksiders3) at high or even ultra settings (medium shadows or anti-aliasing) however my CPU is reaaally old, back to 2014. Was wondering, do I really need an...
  9. B

    Build Advice I am planning to assemble a new system budget is 860USD = 60000 Rupees Max

    Hello there, I am from India and the prices of PC parts are high here and I have a constrained budget of "60000/-Rupees" which is roughly equal to " 860 USD" .This is the maximum I can spend. I already have a monitor , keyboard and mouse. I just need Info on MOBO, RAM, CPU, GPU,PSU, HDD,SSD ...
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    [SOLVED] upgrade configuration pc

    Hello, I currently have intel i5 3570k msi z77a-g45 2x4gb ddr3 1600 520W alim little ssd et big hdd radeon hd7850 I would like to play new greedy games (in 1080p), do you have any recommendation of which component(s) to change ? ps: i plan to buy second hand component budget: 150$ thank you
  11. N

    Question Installing steam games and programs on a portable hard drive(or alternative)?

    Please let me know if this is the wrong spot for this thread. So at home i have terrible internet but I have lots of games I would like to install but it takes such a long time and slows my WiFi down a ton. I'm wondering if it's possible to buy some kind of portable hard drive where I can go to...
  12. B

    Question Games constantly freezes and stuttering

    My problem appeared almost a year ago, at that point i was actively playing Rust, as some people know, this is not the most optimized game and i was blaming the game. Some time passed and other games started to freez and i had enough of that. After that i reinstalled windows multiple times...
  13. X

    Question Fullscreen games on both monitors bug / problem

    So I have a problem that recently started happening on my PC. When I start up a game in full screen(for example: minecraft, or an emulator) the game duplicates itself to my second monitor. On my main monitor, the game shows the first frame, and just freezes. On the second monitor the game...
  14. K

    Question Laptop crashing when running certain games. Screen blackscreens or just crashes with a blur on the screen.

    The laptop in question is the Acer Aspire 7, the specs are as follows CPU i5-7300HQ RAM: 8GB DDR4 Storage: 256GB SSD + 1TB Storage GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 2GB. The laptop is capable of light gaming, however my partner (whos laptop it is) runs into issues where it will fully freeze up and...
  15. R

    Question Mouse sensitivity extremely low

    Hello, to keep this short and to the point, ever since this morning, my sensitivity in-game is extremely low. I haven't changed absolutely anything since yesterday and my cursor speed is the same as always, but in games where there isn't a cursor (CSGO, Dauntless) my sensitivity is EXTREMELY...
  16. stelypotato

    Question what games i can run?

    what games i can run on my dell inspiron 1525, i have integrated intel pentium graphic card and 3 gb ram, i want run minimum 30 fps?
  17. W

    Question Problem with my laptop and randomly dropping frames.

    This has been a problem for a while now but i usually just lowered my settings even more to deal with it, but i tried to find the problem recently and i think i found it. I have a dell inspiron 15 7000 laptop, and it does this weird thing where every minute or so it drops frames heavily (like...
  18. K

    Question Playing PC games on TV

    Hello, I'm going to be getting a 45-55" 4k tv for my office. Mainly for the smart tv options (netflix, amazon, etc.) However, there are a few games that I play on PC that I think would be a great playing on the new TV . Mainly the games that I play with a controller, which are mostly single...
  19. yeetusfried

    [SOLVED] What disk should I store things in?

    Hi! I have 2 drives on my computer as they list; Disk C: (306GB almost used) (HDD) Disk D: (390GB with 390GB free) (HDD) I decided to make a thread since my C: disk is almost used with 5.20GB free. I own 4 games located on Steam* and a couple of programs. I store some memes and a couple of...
  20. CruxGG

    Question RTX 2060 ryzen 7 2700 Still bad FPS

    My specs: Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2060 OC ASUS ROG STRIX B450-F Ryzen 7 2700 Corsair Vengeance 2666MHz Corsair cx650m NZXT Kraken M22 Barracuda 1TB Corsair Force 128GB I still have bad fps in games. If i play Destiny 2 i have around 90-110 FPS In The Division 2 I get around 110 FPS I know that I...