Question GPU usage at 99% only using 3.5Gb out of 8Gb of dedicated Memory

Dec 10, 2019
I have RTX 2070 Super and I was playing war thunder and increased settings as I am still getting over 100fps at also max settings but realised that my GPU was at 99% but only 3.5Gbs of the dedicated 8Gbs og memory is being used/


This is perfectly normal and not an issue.

Games will only use the VRAM necessary to run at your current settings.

Want to consume more VRAM, turn up settings like texture quality and resolution, but performance will suffer as the card has to process the extra data aswell.
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The 99% is referring to load on the actual graphics processor, not how much VRAM is being used. You generally wouldn't want your VRAM to be completely filled, as that would hurt performance. Having the GPU at 99% is arguably good though, as that means all of its available performance is being utilized.
DeathMunchies07 I agree with everyone else. However, if you'd like to saturate VRAM usage anyway, you can enable Nvidia's DSR (Dynamic Super Resolution), in order to upscale your graphics. For example, you can set DSR to 4.0x and then your 1080p display can be set to 4K resolution downscaled to 1080p. That will definitely raise your VRAM usage, while simultaneously lowering your FPS, since it's a very demanding feature.

How to enable Dynamic Super Resolution in games.