Question Gpu usage drops to 0% then the game freezes for around 0.5-1sec

Oct 12, 2021
GPU usage drop to 0% then the game freezes for around 0.5-1sec
So I had this problem for around a year now, couldn't get anything to fix it, I tried almost everything.
I have had this issue on win 10, linux, (and now) win 11 too. It happens to me in every game, not just a single one.
Specs are:, R5 3600, 6GB GTX 1060, and a 700W 80+ bronze PSU, B450M PRO4-F.

Please, I just want to game without the game freezing every 5 minutes :(
Oct 12, 2021
32GB RAM, Aerocool 80+ Bronze 700W PSU
CPU temp below 70 and GPU temp below 80, no OC
CPU usage below 60 in BFV, gpu usage almost 99-100% all the time during gaming (except when it drops as I mentioned)
RAM usage (now) is 22% because I have like 50 tabs open, but when I ended the task in Task Manager (opera.exe) I experienced the same freezes.
SSD usage I don't really know how to check that, but I have 143GB space avalaible on it.


Aug 7, 2016
Does that happen on every game you played?
I had similar issues on certain games, and changing the api to directx11 from vulkan helped me. Also your vram might be insufficient in some games, so try lowering resolution and texture settings to see if that helps.

If the issue is not game related and happens in every game you play then i suggest:
Motherboard bios update
DDU clean reinstall of gpu drivers
Clearing shader cache
Setting power settings to high performance