Question GPU usage problem.


Sep 6, 2017
Let me tell you guys my specs first :
CPU : ryzen 5 1600 (not overclocked)
MOBO : MSI a320m pro vd/s
GPU : Gigabyte 1660ti OC 6GB (not overclocked though)
Ram : G.skill ripjaws 2400 8x2 (16)
PSU : Bronze 500w
OK, now lets talk about the issue. My GPU is not being utilized properly in almost every game I play, GTA V, AC Unity, CSGO, The forest etc, I have seen videos of other people with same GPU and CPU combo getting their GPU utilized more than 95% every time, I have seen people getting 250+ fps in deathmatches in CSGO and I get only 150+ in competitive matches, in GTA V my fps drops below 60 many times while other people are having 80+ fps ez, and also to mention I play on 900p resolution only which should give even more fps but no, my GPU idles at 51 degrees which I think might be the problem, during usage it goes upto 79 degrees, and second concern of mine is the motherboard, is there anyway I can benchmark my pc to find the bottleneck? can anyone please find the problem in my build, I upgraded everything gradually and never been satisfied with my PC's performance, I don't want to regret upgrading my PC. In games like rust , forest and GTA V online, my fps is below 60 and cpu and gpu both are not getting utilized fully, so there is no bottleneck from my CPU. I ran benchmarks and they seem to be fine, but while playing games and mainly being outside in games where there is more public the problem increases. My drivers are up-to date and I have formatted my pc more than thrice now.

Metal Messiah.

Mar 28, 2019
On 900p, most of the games, if not all. are going to be CPU-bound. Increase the Screen resolution, if you want the GPU to work harder. The more we increase the resolution (or use downsampling), e..g to 1080p, 2K, 4K, the more games are going to be GPU-intensive. It all depends on the game being played though.

PSU : Bronze 500w
Which BRAND is that ?
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