Graphic card for pavilion dv4series


Nov 9, 2011
rite nw m working on a xna framework for which i need a graphic could u plz tel which graphic i shud prefr for my laptop(hp pavilion dv4 series)
I don't think that laptop has MXM graphics card so you cannot swap it out.

You have two option:

1. vidock if you have expresscard slot or 2. you can open the computer and use the mini pcie connector, connect mini pcie connector to pcie x16 converter and a desktop psu for power. But I don't think you want to do number 2 because you have no mobility at all. Either way, your graphics card will be very bottlenecked by the bandwidth and they cost money which IMO is not worth it and is better spend on a desktop gaming build or a better laptop if you need more graphic power.