Question Graphical Problems in multiple games on 2 different PCs

Sep 3, 2019
Hello, since a few weeks I've been having different problems in multiple games. First in Watch Dogs 2 and GTA V, in which the sky is flickering/flashing rapidly. But I also noticed that there are transparent rings or discs on my screen when I'm playing minecraft. I've been able to fix this by disabling the Vignette, however I think that this may be linked to the other two somehow. What is really important is that all of this happens on two different PCs, that are almost completely different from each other. Of course I have tried practically everything that I could think of when it comes to the flickering, from disabling Gsync and Vsync and messing with the Graphic settings to switching resolutions, refresh rates and even monitors. I have even reinstalled windows. I am really running out of options here, since there seem to be no other people who have this issue, except for the GTA V problem, which has been mentioned sometimes. I would be extremely happy if someone would know a fix for this, especially since I haven't tested all my games, so these problems could appear elsewhere too.

These are the rings in minecraft that I was talking about;

My specs are:
GPU: Nvidia RTX 2080
CPU Ryzen 7 3700x
Mainboard: Asus x470-F
Assuming you don't have a bad driver install, and the PSU in each rig is decent, I would look into testing the wall outlet you're using. Try a different outlet. If you know how to use one and have access to a multi meter, test the wall outlet voltage and see if it's high or low, or fluctuating.