Graphics card help


Jan 28, 2013
Hey id like to upgrade my graphics card as i think its the only thing stopping me playing higher end games i would like some advice on what to get and how to approach it thanks.

LENOVO Lenovo H420 Lenovo

8gb ram

3.30 gigahertz Intel Core i3-2120
32 kilobyte primary memory cache
256 kilobyte secondary memory cache
3072 kilobyte tertiary memory cache

Intel(R) HD Graphics Family chip set
Dac type: internal
memory size: 1760 mb

Bus Clock: 100 megahertz

Im new to this so if theres any more information you need to help me just say.
A good entry level card is the 650ti, it should get you 1080p medium settings gameplay

This will only set you back $110

The next card I would consider would be the 7850 2Gb which will let you hit high/ultra settings 1080p
There is a 1GB version but in some games at 1080p it will be VRAM bottle necked

What power supply are you running right now?

depends on your budget, get a 7770 if you are low on budget. or get a 660Ti if you can. 7950 maybe?

also, since you have a prebuilt, check the PSU, you might need to get a better one if you want a powerful card. a good 550w (seasonic, antec, corsair, etc) is a good place to start.

for reference i have an x760 seasonic, (it is higher than what i need i know) and im using gtx 670 with 4ghz procie

a little black duck

Oct 31, 2011
Unless you've already updated your psu, as Cons29 and stickmansam have said you're going to have to upgrade its' power supply. A look at the specs reveals that it comes with a low end 280W psu.
Good luck

Edit: Lol Ashey_54 you beat me to it.
You will probably need to get a new PSU with anything higher than a 7770/650ti - IRRC both draw less than 100W load but depending on how the rails are arranged, there may be issues

This is a really good and cheap PSU right now and is a good one

This would be my suggestion. It should be fine up to 7870 levels I think (7850 for sure)

Those two would have more life in them if you want to get a way stronger card in the future

This 7770 card if on a budget 720p ultra or 1080p low/med

The 650ti is priced too close to the 7850 to be competitive

This 7850 card for 1080p high gaming



Jan 28, 2013
Hi sorry to bother again im kind of worried that the 450 w psu would run this card i linked are you sure it could handle it?