GTA4 low fps high end rig


Dec 21, 2012
PC specs are
Asrock extreme 4 990fx
AMD FX 8350
AMD 7970
16gb DDR3 @1600
Windows 8 Pro.
750 watt PSU

Anyways im getting about sub 30 FPS in gta 4 I understand that its a poor port, But i do not understand why i got a better FPS on my old rig. ( AMD quad core 960 or something along those lines gtx 470gc and 8gb of ram). On deep city areas i drop to 18 but if im on the outskirts of town i get about 30.

Anyways i get 90fps on Battlefield 3 and 90-120 fps on borerlands 2.

Troubleshooting would be rad. also running 12.10 drivers
its likely your cpu and system are fine. gta 4 doesnt like new hardware. especially dx11 cards and newer cpu's. patch it to 1.4 to play the single player then patch it to 1.7 when you want to play the multiplayer.
the game was badly ported and only really works well on core 2 quads, penom 2's with gtx 200 series cards or hd 48** series. if your hardware is newer then expect poor performance. my sig system will do between 50 and 70 fps maxed out with x4aa which sounds good but really i should be getting a lot more. its playable but badly ported.