GTX 1070 crashing during games??


Dec 30, 2016
Hey so I recently (as in for boxing day sales) bought a Asus 1070 dual ge force white 8 gb.
However my graphic card consistently crashes when I am playing games, most often on loading screens or when the pov of my player changes abruptly or when exiting a vehicle, building or even my inventory. Its not really a normal crash as my screen doesnt go black and my sound doesn't stutter, instead my screen is filled with white and green pixels (see image attached) and my whole computer shuts down.
It seems to most often occur in H1Z1 however I also noticed it in Subnautica.
I've swapped out my 1070 with my boyfriend to see if its the hardware and after a day of playing games on it consistently nothing happened. Then I thought since I previously had a gpu that required 2x 6 pins that maybe when I was shuffling things around (I also bought a new ssd so I had to plug in a new SATA) one of them got knocked loose a bit so I swapped the 6 pin which was plugged into my gpu.
Still nothing changed so I completely reinstalled my drivers and started keeping an acute eye on my temperature and not once does it hit above 75 degrees. At this point Im not sure what is going on...Im thinking I swap my 1070 again with my boyfriend and use an AMD Radeon 7870 which seems to be causing no problems whatsoever for me.

My build (everything is brand new and barely used, couple months at most):
Case: NZXT Manta - I checked, nothing to suggest poor airflow in my build
CPU: Skylake i7 6700K (overclockable one)
RAM: At the moment 1 stick of 8gb since my other stick had a manufactures fault
Cooling: Kraken AIO watercooling
Power Supply: EVGA GOLD 750 watts (or maybe 850 one?)