Question GTX 1080TI keeps causing problems

Oct 30, 2019
My rig :

Ryzen 5 1600 3.9ghz
Gtx 1080ti Aero
Vengence DDR4 RAM 3000MHZ 16GB x2 8
Gigabyte GA-AB350-Gaming 3 Motherboard
Masterwatt 650 (650wat)

Before I even had the 1080ti, i was rocking with a 1060 6gb. I know it sounds stupid, but what i did to upgrade from my 1060 to 1080 is by switching the cards and booting with it. While I was booting, there was moments where it would display distortions like this for example.


This even appears with the boot logo of gigabyte gaming and such. In many cases it would boot, but the performance with only the desktop is UNBELIEVABLY slow. It would constantly even freeze in seconds, then resume back over and over again. The NVIDIA control panel won't even appear, but my system does detect a 1080ti in my device manager, but not my task manager. Also the GPU would get very hot, but I wasn't able to see the core temps. Often on, it would even stop displaying to my monitor, then go right back on displaying again.

I tried installing drivers and using DDU to restore the graphics card, but with no luck. While it did bring back the NVIDIA control panel and recognizes the GPU, the performance of my desktop is still containing the same problem of constantly freezing in moments and then resuming. The same distortions would even come. The display problem and even a blue screen of windows stopped working. I tried installing drivers in safe mode.

I moved on with the PCIE slots with all of them filled in by 6x2 and x2 cables. I'm still unsure if this is correctly placed or not.

I appreciate the help
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