GTX 550 Ti vs Radeon HD 5750 x2

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Apr 13, 2011
Which would be better? I could get either for around $140 CDN and wondering which would be better. I'm leaning towards the 550 Ti, but not sure. I heard the scaling of the 5750s were not all that good, but before I go with a purchase, I'd like to get some opinions. Thanks :)
5750s would technically get you more frames but for the headache of micro-stutter that you would likely have to put up with I'd go for the 550ti if that is all you can afford and give it a nice oc.... otherwise Id go for a single 6850 if budgets permits.. and give it a nice oc... but Idk how much those run in Canada sorry

give me a site you can order from and your full system specs and budget including the make and model of your psu and your monitors resolution
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