Question GTX 970 SSC

Nov 8, 2021
Hey there guys! So here's the thing. I recently bought a used 970 SSC from ebay as an upgrade to my old system( lets call it PC2 since its my secondary computer). My primary computer (lets call this one PC1) is a mid to high end build with an RX 5700 XT on it.Since right now i dont have access to my old system(PC2) ,i thought of trying the functionality of the 970 on my primary(PC1) simple by replacing the RX 5700 XT with it.Computer booted up, GPU fans seemed to be working while booting(which is a good sign i guess?) but the "No signal" sign was popping up on my monitor ,and it was basically inactive the whole time like it could not trace the GPU or something like that. Any ideas? How do i check is the 970 is faulty? Should i change any settings before pluggin up and Nvidia GPU? (since i was using an AMD one). Maybe something from the bios? Thanks in advance guys!


Re-install the 5700XT and get to desktop. Go into Device Manager and uninstall the driver(s) for it and the Radeon suite thingy too. (do this with internet disabled/unplugged). This should revert you to a "stock" windows driver and should see screen resolution go large.
Power down and remove 5700, install 970 and power back up. Re-enable your internet, assuming it posts and shows a screen, such that you can then install or have Windows auto install an NVIDIA driver.

I have not checked but would make an assumption that the 970 might require more power than the 5700XT but haven't owned the latter one. The 970 is a fairly hungry GPU, so that might play a part.

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