Question Gtx 980ti problem

Sep 2, 2020
I have gtx 980ti g1 from gigabyte. When I try to play a game i crashes about 5-10 secs after I launched the game. ( the only game that doesn crash is league of legends). I tried a lot Of version of driver’s and I even formatted my pc . I checked the gpu temps and they are below 55c when the games crashing. I also tried running 100% fun speed . It didn’t work ether. The only solution I have found is running my gpu at 50% power limit and in some games it works but I have lower frame rates. I tryied using different power supply ( from EVGA and Corsair both 850watt gold rated) and I also tried different pc ( 1 5820k 32gb ram and 10700k 64gb ram ). Any suggestions?