GTX295 Which PSU?

More than sufficient, and its been reviewed as a fairly competent psu:
although as you read it there are some glitches that may steer you toward the Corsair HX1000 instead.

According to nVidia, max power consumption for a 295 is 289W
. . . times 2 is 580W . . . plus 200W-300W for the rest of the system equals 780W-880W so I guess 1000W is not totally absurd for this specific configuration.

But running quad-sli (2x295) may well be. Take a look at some 2x295 benchmarks and you may find its something you wouldn't do, depending on your screen resolution.

ill b ben

Mar 5, 2009

Euhm.. no

imo a 1000 watt psu is a waste even for such setups, thats why id rather go for the corsair 850tx


Aug 15, 2009
Decided just to run a 850W PSU and stick with the 1 GTX295, any recommendations on the best 850W from the list below?

Antec 850W TruePower Quattro ATX & EPS 12V Power Supply, Modular Cables, Four 12V Rails, 80Plus Cert

Corsair TX-850 ATX Power Supply 140mm fan

Thermaltake Tough Power 850W Q-FAN PSU

Cheers ;)



Jun 18, 2009
850 watts is enough for 2 GTX 295's though 900 if you play to do a ton of overclocking. A 1000 watts is more like 3 GTX 285's in tri-sli and a 9800 GT for phyX.


Jul 19, 2009
just for info for you regarding power draw
i have a e8500 @ 4.275ghz 2x2gig ocz ram gigabyte ep45-ud3lr mobo and a palit gtx 295 @ 676/1457/1132
3 sata II hdd 1 dvd drive 1x super flower fan controller cooler master cosmos s case with 6 x 120mm fans and teh case has a 200( or 220) mm fan, and a ocz vendetta 2 cpu cooler
when i run my rig on folding at home 100% on the cpu and both gpu cores it pulls 400w ( 395-405) consistently.
i bought a hiper bronze 1000w psu in case i ever went sli etc in the future ( would need new board) and looking at the power draw could have >>probably<< run the system on my ocz 600 watt psu that i already had
anyhow if the gtx 295 pulls a max of 289w on top of a my system it would be 689w approx..
a 850w would be a close call for sli if you work on the 80% efficiency theory but for a single gtx 295 you will be ok...always check the ampage kicked out on the psu just to make sure

oh the power draw also includes a 22" lcd monitor which obviously doesnt get powered by the psu

So the system you're friend used drew 698 watts from the wall.
Tom's did a review of the 295 in SLI, thier system only drew 596 watts from the wall.
Niether let's us know how much power the cards used.
Xbit labs does test the power that the card itself uses.