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  1. KreWin

    Question Is it possible to force SLI on MSI B450 Tomahawk Max?

    Hi everyone, as you can well understand from the title of the post, I have two identical Asus Strix GTX 970 4GB and I would like to enable the SLI option for my motherboard which unfortunately only supports Crossfire . Some time ago the HyperSLI tool existed which allowed you to modify the...
  2. C

    [SOLVED] Crossfire my old card, or Upgrade?

    Hey there Guys! A few Infos about my current System: Built in 2017 CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 1700 Motherboard: AX-370-Gaming 5 Ram: 32gb (4x8gb) GPU: PowerColor Radeon RX480 The idea is to upgrade each component, one by one over time, so it can last another 4 Years or so. I have started with a new...
  3. S

    Question Using R9 390 with r9 390x(cross fire) for 3D rendering and in UNREAL ENGINE?

    OK Guys I bought an R9 390 6 years back. I use it for rendering in 3D and Unreal engine, where it helps to handle texture pool and large scenes. Basically, it is not about speed, more VRAM means better handling of Unreal rendering. Now I am getting an R9 390X for a lot less, not finding r9...
  4. hell_storm2004

    [SOLVED] SLI Question.

    Hello Everyone, In my ongoing quest to find out more information where the PC hardware industry stands, I have a question about dual GPU setups. So I was reading that nVidia has almost killed off SLI with its RTX 3 series. But couldn't find any information on CrossFire. Is AMD planning to do...
  5. H

    [SOLVED] Can my iGPU work together with dedicated graphics card

    Hello, I would like to ask if it is possible for me to run AMD APU together with Nvidia GPU? As my GPU is pretty weak I could use iGPU to run videos on my two secondary monitors and play games+do heavy workloads on my main screen with dGPU. If it's possible I would like to ask what exactly I am...
  6. D

    [SOLVED] is crossfire still relevant???

    in my PC is still rocking a R9 390, it still works great but noticed some games i gotta turn some stuff down in to get a good solid 60fps. with GPU prices being through the roof i looked and saw i can get an old used R9 390 for around 250 on ebay but my question is is that even worth my time to...
  7. bbrandon02

    [SOLVED] Crossfire doesn’t work?

    I thought having two of the same cards would somehow boost performance but whenever I disable crossfire my game runs smoother I have two xfx rx 570s a tomahawk max motherboard and a 700w Corsair power supply and 5th gen cpu. Either I don’t know how to configure or tamper with crossfire to make...
  8. DeltaTaco

    [SOLVED] Disable 3400G RX Vega Graphics to free up PCIe lane?

    Apologies if this is a stupid question - I've already prepared myself for the answer to be "no". Computer was getting a bit dated and I decided to upgrade. After looking at GPU prices at the moment I decided to keep my current graphics for the moment, I was running dual RX480s. I seem to have...
  9. F

    [SOLVED] 2 GPUs without SLI

    I've recently bought a second GPU and added it to my motherboard. It is now running 2 GPUs without SLI and suprisingly I can tell the difference when gaming. But the fact that I do not have SLI/Crossfire it bugging me. Does anyone know how it's working?
  10. A

    [SOLVED] Best games for this Crossfire HD 4850 Rig?

    I just inherited a junk pc with an interesting assortment of parts. I was looking to put some older, compatible parts that I already had lying around unused inside of it as a weekend project to make it run some older games (circa 2006~2009). I wanted to ask if anybody had any recommendations for...
  11. AdekDziadek

    [SOLVED] Any boards with PCIe 4.0 in dual x16 mode (electrical lanes not physical)

    Hi, I just purchased GIGABYTE X570 Aorus Ultra and I'm disappointed as for CrossFire mode PCIe works in x8 mode as lanes are split into 2 slots. So single GPU will work with x16 speed and 2 GPUs together will work in x8 mode each. Are there any motherboards supporting PCI 4.0 x16/x16 on both...
  12. M

    Question Crossfire Compatibility and Multiple Displays

    Hello, I am running out of ideas trying to figure out the issue with my PC not being able to run two graphics cards at the same time. Here is my setup: Motherboard: ASUS Maximus III Formula (Intel p55 board) (Supports dual PCI-E 2.0 graphics at 8x and 8x)(also supports Crossfire) GPUs: 2x...
  13. U

    [SOLVED] Triple R9 280x crossfire on actual games

    Hi i got an AMD 7970. The problem is simple, is getting old and new tech at least in my country is really expensive so i got a plan, i'm buying two 280x one with artifact problems and the other cheap for no reason. Well my idea is to run dx 11 games at good fps. It is a bad o good idea? What...
  14. imagoth2004

    Question 2nd graphics card not showing in bios/crossfire ?

    Recently after a standard shut down for a night, I turned my computer back on to have it boot into windows normally. After about 5 minutes the monitors flashed for a moment and the 2nd GPU wasn't seen in MSI afterburner. Checking in the BIOS it said my first GPU was running at 16x and the 2nd...
  15. L

    [SOLVED] RX 470 drivers problem

    Hello everyone! So I recently got my hands on RX 470 strix 4GB second hand. I have had alredy RX 480 sapphire inside my PC and i wanted to try Crossfire. After I installed drivers for both of them my old RX 480 seems to work well, while new RX 470 gives 0 Mhz clock reads both in GPU-Z and...
  16. S

    Question My second AMD RX 480 is not detected by my computer. How do I make it detect it so I can use Crossfire?

    Hello all, I just installed a second RX 480 8 GB today (no need for a crossfire bridge) and it is not detected by my PC. I already tried reinstalling the AMD software and that didnt work. The second GPU does work though because I tried playing it by itself. Any suggestions? My motherboard is...
  17. D

    [SOLVED] M.2 SSD compatibility in B450-f Gaming MB

    Hi, I am thinking of purchasing an average M.2 SSD (Kingston A40 240 GB). Although, I have read on some sites that in my setup (see below), this would cause the GPU to go down from PCI-E 3.0 x16 to x8. My question is; is this true? How much would the performance be affected? Also, assuming I...
  18. U

    Question best budget cpu for crossfire rx 580

    hi I need help im looking to do a crossfire set up with two rx 580 however I need help deciding the best budget cpu with this set up that won't cause crazy bottleneck.
  19. tsmith154

    [SOLVED] Physics using gpu card.

    I play assetto Corsa. I have right now: CPU: i7 5930 3.5Ghz Three gpu cards of R9 290X (Not running CrossFire. Most games just don't support it.) Assetto Corsa use to, I had my rig running. Now it stopped and only one card is used. Not even an option to turn CrossFire back on. I was getting...
  20. drambit

    Question Dual GPU video card using only one GPU with crossfire

    I'm setting up an old system that hasn't been touched in a few years, video card is an ATI Radeon HD 5970. Both GPUs show up in device manager, MSI afterburner, and GPU-Z, and UCLS is turned off, but for some reason when I play video games the second GPU always sits at 0% usage and does...
  21. T

    Question Crossfire Help using R9 370

    Hi. I have a question for all the viewers of this thread. Does AMD Radeon R9 370 support crossfire? If yes, is it worth it? If no, can the GTX 760 do SLI? I am planning to do the crossfire on Gigabyte GA-B85-HD3 in case you need it. And one last thing, I created a poll for you to say which one...
  22. F

    Question Crossfire/SLI temperature for the whole case?

    I'm just wondering if the temperature of 2 GPUs at 70c and CPU at 75c and other components accumulate. Will the case be really hot? I'm generalizing this, it can be whatever kind of hardware in PC. Thanks in advance.
  23. Z

    [SOLVED] Crossfire with a AMD r7 260x and a AMD r9 280?

    I have both these graphics cards.. I Don't have a crossfire cable yet so before I buy one I want to know if it has any benefits or if it will work at all ? And if crossfire doesn't work are there any benefits of using the 2 cards together in 1 system ?
  24. G

    Question Should I buy another RX 480?

    Hi all, My specs are these: Ryzen 5 1600x | RX 480 4GB | 16GB RAM | 1 SSD 250GB | 1HDD 1TB My main games are CS:GO (in this game I don't have problem with the FPS) and Apex Legends. And occasionally I play PUBG and story games that I don't care if I play at 60FPS. My monitor is 144Hz, it does...
  25. J

    Question Upgrading case for crossfire r9 390

    Hello community, I recently bought an r9 390 strix for 90 euro and thinking of pairing it with my main pc which has a bitfeenix prodigy m case and I cant get the asus r9 390 strix in it cause its a huge card and I already have h100i ontop of the case. So is it worth to just buy a full atx case...
  26. Jusco

    [SOLVED] Two 4gb Rx 580??

    Quick question, would buying another 4gb rx 580 be worth it, or should I sell my old rx 580 and get a faster new gpu?
  27. B

    [SOLVED] Can I Crossfire two identical cards and one different?

    I have a old PC I like experimenting on. So, I have in it two HD 5970, and I also found one HD 5870. So, the question is can I Crossfire them all?
  28. K

    [SOLVED] Upgrade GPU or crossfire with it?

    I have an MSI r9 380 gaming 4G and I am upgrading my CPU to ryzen 5 3600. The mobo will be msi x470 gaming pro. In the future I will want to upgrade my GPU. Should I replace it or will it be better to crossfire it with another one?
  29. D

    Question RX 580 crossfire second gpu led issue.

    Hello. I have this annoying problem that my second gpu's sapphire led logo is not on idle but when in load it turns on again. Is this some new feature for power saving or is it real problem? Specs: cpu: Ryzen 1600 motherboard: MSI X370 GAMING PRO ram: 24gb Psu: Seasonic focus 80 plus platinum...
  30. S

    Question Opinions On Crossfire? Good Idea for me to Do?

    I have an rx 470 in my system at the moment and I am considering buying a refurbished rx480 to run in crossfire with it. Everything in my PC is compatible, I am just wondering if it is a good idea. I have heard many people talk about how crossfire is a terrible idea and should be avoided, but I...
  31. B

    Question what decent graphics cards can i put in sli/crossfire with a 750w powersupply?

    Something like a vega 64? or Vega 56? GTX 1080? Rx 590, 580, gtx 1070/1070ti. What cards would i have a big enough power supply for.
  32. Gosraj

    Question Vega 56 CF vs Radeon VII?

    Just curious, which would be more powerful, crossfiring two Vega 56s or a single Radeon VII? Specifically at 1440p
  33. winncootMKD

    [SOLVED] 2 different cards Crossfire?

    So recently I bought RX580 and it has been great. But I was wondering if, my old R9 270 could be any use if I stick it in too Maybe not crossfire, but helping at something, idk. Any any program that might work like that? Thanks!
  34. S

    Question Best GPU for Windows XP 32 bit?

    Ok I've been all over the internet trying to find the absolute best gpu option for My retro Windows XP 32 bit build. My specs "OG" Asus Maximus Formula board QX6850 processor 4GB Corsair Dominator PC2 8500 ram 750 Watt Seasonic PSU The board Is crossfire compatible, so I'd like to go the AMD...
  35. J

    [SOLVED] What reasons are there as to why Multi-GPU setups don't scale well?

    Since many people say that the reason why multi-GPU setups don't scale well in some games is because there is no code for the multi-GPUs. But could another reason be driver support (for SLI and Crossfire). So TL;DR, what are the main reasons why multi-GPUs don't scale well?
  36. J

    [SOLVED] Could you use vGPU as a successor to Multi-GPU setups?

    Could you use multiple GPUs together and use a VM to connect them into a vGPU (if the Graphics Cards support virtualization) so that you can have parallel tasks running together on the multiple GPUs? (e.g. using 2 GPU and connecting them into 1vGPU)
  37. J

    [SOLVED] Can an operating system with good multi-GPU code or API allow non-multi-GPU games to scale well?

    If an operating system gets multi-GPU code or APIs (e.g. Vulkan) coded into it, will games that weren't developed with multi-GPU code finally scale well? This was because I learned that not all games scale well with multi-GPU because the devs don't embed code for them. So instead of coding...
  38. K

    Question Can't CrossFire RX580-570

    Why Can't CrossFire RX580-570 No Crossfire On/Off AMD Radeon settings Thank
  39. T

    Question Vertically Mounted GPU' newb

    Hello there. So hopefully this is a pretty newb question that I'm just not understanding.. I'm in the process of upgrading and i'm currently looking at a new GPU, but in this idea, I really want to mount it vertically. I simply, just don't quite understand how to do that safely. The GPU in...
  40. J

    Question AMD wraith spire RGB unable to sync

    So i am unable to sync colors with asus aura sync. When i choose any effect in aura sync it is also available on cooler but colour does not sync. Like only color which sync are red and green and all effects sync to motherboard, ram and cooler but colour only syncs to on colour