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  1. B

    Question what decent graphics cards can i put in sli/crossfire with a 750w powersupply?

    Something like a vega 64? or Vega 56? GTX 1080? Rx 590, 580, gtx 1070/1070ti. What cards would i have a big enough power supply for.
  2. Gosraj

    Question Vega 56 CF vs Radeon VII?

    Just curious, which would be more powerful, crossfiring two Vega 56s or a single Radeon VII? Specifically at 1440p
  3. winncootMKD

    [SOLVED] 2 different cards Crossfire?

    So recently I bought RX580 and it has been great. But I was wondering if, my old R9 270 could be any use if I stick it in too Maybe not crossfire, but helping at something, idk. Any any program that might work like that? Thanks!
  4. S

    Question Best GPU for Windows XP 32 bit?

    Ok I've been all over the internet trying to find the absolute best gpu option for My retro Windows XP 32 bit build. My specs "OG" Asus Maximus Formula board QX6850 processor 4GB Corsair Dominator PC2 8500 ram 750 Watt Seasonic PSU The board Is crossfire compatible, so I'd like to go the AMD...
  5. J

    [SOLVED] What reasons are there as to why Multi-GPU setups don't scale well?

    Since many people say that the reason why multi-GPU setups don't scale well in some games is because there is no code for the multi-GPUs. But could another reason be driver support (for SLI and Crossfire). So TL;DR, what are the main reasons why multi-GPUs don't scale well?
  6. J

    [SOLVED] Could you use vGPU as a successor to Multi-GPU setups?

    Could you use multiple GPUs together and use a VM to connect them into a vGPU (if the Graphics Cards support virtualization) so that you can have parallel tasks running together on the multiple GPUs? (e.g. using 2 GPU and connecting them into 1vGPU)
  7. J

    [SOLVED] Can an operating system with good multi-GPU code or API allow non-multi-GPU games to scale well?

    If an operating system gets multi-GPU code or APIs (e.g. Vulkan) coded into it, will games that weren't developed with multi-GPU code finally scale well? This was because I learned that not all games scale well with multi-GPU because the devs don't embed code for them. So instead of coding...
  8. K

    Question Can't CrossFire RX580-570

    Why Can't CrossFire RX580-570 No Crossfire On/Off AMD Radeon settings Thank
  9. T

    Question Vertically Mounted GPU' newb

    Hello there. So hopefully this is a pretty newb question that I'm just not understanding.. I'm in the process of upgrading and i'm currently looking at a new GPU, but in this idea, I really want to mount it vertically. I simply, just don't quite understand how to do that safely. The GPU in...
  10. J

    Question AMD wraith spire RGB unable to sync

    So i am unable to sync colors with asus aura sync. When i choose any effect in aura sync it is also available on cooler but colour does not sync. Like only color which sync are red and green and all effects sync to motherboard, ram and cooler but colour only syncs to on colour
  11. L

    Question Can I use my cooler from my i5 6400 to my i7 9700K?

    I just recently bought a new i7 9700K, and I have a new cooler delivered by Tuesday, but I wasn't sure if I could reuse my old cooler for now, until my H100i 240mm fan comes in Tuesday. Should I wait, or is it fine for 2 days?
  12. D

    Question Best value ram for gaming with 8700K

    i currently have 2100Mhz ram. i've read that the 8700K needs 2600Mhz for optimal performance, would 2600 be enough ? should i put in a little extra for 3000Mhz? thanks!
  13. R

    Question Looking to upgrade my desktop

    I've got a gameing desktop. I'm looking to upgrade it. These are the Specs Processor: Intel Core i7 4790K 4.0 GHz (Codename Devils Canyon) (Unlocked CPU) (Quad Core) Motherboard: GIGABYTE Z97X-SLI (Intel Z97 Chipset) System Memory: 16GB DDR3 1600MHz Digital Storm Certified Performance Series...
  14. Kefi

    Question Weird "problem" with motherboard and psu

    So i'll try to be as descriptive as i can.So i have EVGA 750 g3 it's like a year old something and also gigabyte gaming 3 motherboard. And they have been acting REALLY weird . So few weeks back i noticed my PSU has an eco mode and im woa what's this so i turned it on i thought it was gonna...
  15. U

    Question Xbox one x temperature

    I want to play 4k tv. What happened to the Xbox one x overheat 70°c max? I don't know Enough or Not enough
  16. R

    Question Asus H81M-C/CSM and Haswell refresh cpus

    I bought a Asus H81M-C/CSM motherboard used off of ebay because it has a parallel printer port and have intentions of using it for driving a small cnc machine. Its been my experience that the h81 chipsets have pretty good latency when using linuxcnc for realtime software stepping. My issue is i...
  17. L

    Question My display has become cracked with colouea after playing viseo game for some time...pls help me

    My pc is having strange problem since two days when i have playing video game after some time screen crashes with colours and i cant operate the system and i have to manually shu down pc from cabinet button...pls help pc is infel i5 3470 processor with gtx 1060 6 gb and 8 gb ram having...
  18. L

    Question Can I replace the DVD drive in my laptop with an HDD?

    I have an HP Pavilion 15-p001tx laptop from 2014, it currently has a 1TB HDD and a DVD drive. I plan on replacing the HDD with a 250GB SSD, and since I have never used the optical drive, I figured I might as well swap it out with my HDD for additional storage. Can I do this, and are there...
  19. I

    [SOLVED] Crackling Noise From PSU

    Hi! So a couple of months ago I accidentally pulled on the power cable of the PC Tower and ever since I've been hearing this crackling noise coming from the PSU. I've already had a problem about the computer not staying on for more than 15 mins at most before this happened. Now, I'm just...
  20. K

    Question Thermaltake view 37 aRGB case - RGB not working :(

    Hi! Recently I have purchased thermaltake view 37 aRGB case with a sole purpose of mounting a PC that could truly be called 'Rainbow Dash'. I hired a professional to do the build for me and while everything went fine and we found the case to be very user friendly and great for custom PCs, we...