Jun 6, 2008
Is a i3 1156 good enough or should I upgrade my wifes rig to a quad core? If I upgrade she will get my i7 860 and I will move on to current tech. She will also be recieving my 6950 as I am moving on to a 7870 or 7950. So will that proc and video card be enough for 1900x1200?


Jul 27, 2012
I won't be much help since my laptop has 4GB RAM, a HD 5650 and a triple core @ 2.1ghz
which is weaker than your wife's rig.
I also don't play at 1920x1080 (except when I play on the tv)
I play at 1600x900 and I don't play that particular game so I can't directly help.

Anyway, the best way I could help you is to suggest looking at benchmarks
and YouTube videos of game play of Guild Wars 2 and compare their resolution, graphics card, RAM,
processor against your own and make a sensible judgement.

If you find a video with absent info, you could ask the uploader what system specs they had
at the time of recording and at what resolution, etc.

Good luck. ;)
guild wars 2 doesnt need a big pc. you will easily max it out on either of them cpus. i dont think the game will benefit a whole lot form a quad core as its recommended requirements is a dualcore 2.4 so your i3 should handle it well enough.
the 870 will play anything you throw at it so dont be in such a hurry, after all your looking at maybe 10%-20% increase in power for a £400 outlay. personally i would say wait till haswell arrives b4 you upgrade that cpu.