Hard Drive effects


Dec 12, 2011
Hey, I was just curious. See if you're putting like 2GB video files on to an external hard drive then removing them soon after, and doing that A LOT. Will that effectively over time slow down the computer, or hard drive?

Reason I asked, I was going to buy an external hard drive, but I technically don't need any more space as I'm deleting the files soon after.
Don't use a Solid State drive in any part of this as they wear-out with every write to it.
The copying and pasting won't hurt a regular hard drive.
It will slow-down only when you are actually moving files or deleting them.
The more that you copy and paste, the more that you need to defrag the hard drive that you are using to store the files on.
Make sure that Windows 7 is set to auto defragment that external drive; If set that way, you will never have to manually defragment that drive as Windows will be doing it all the time.
I seem to remember that Windows Vista has auto-defrag set also, but not certain.