Hard Drives showing up in BIOS and Device Manager, but not in Disk Management.

Oct 30, 2018
I bought a new NMVe and a SATA and installed them onto my new rig. Went into Disk Management under Computer Management and they were initially listed in there. However, I accidentally chose to combine the two into one volume (I think). So I tried to undo this by deleting the volume (I think). However, they don't show up anywhere in disk management anymore. On the top, it only lists the old SSD which my system's SSD. Below, it only shows the same SSD with its normal capacity.
Here's what Disk Management shows: https://imgur.com/a/8J1zFxl

Device Manager shows the three drives: https://imgur.com/Nqa3Hbg

The two new drive are listed in the device manager as well as BIOS. Here what I've tried so far:

Disable and Renable both drives in the Device Manager.

Uninstalled the drives in the Device Manager. Restarted at the prompt to restart. They both seemingly reinstalled automatically after restart.

Uninstalled the NMV Controller in Device Manager. Restarted at the prompt to restart. Seemingly reinstalled automatically after restart.

Intel Rapid Storage Tech recognizes there are two SATA SSDs.

Installed the new SATA SSD onto a different rig. Disk Management recognized it so I created a partition and gave it a letter. Reinstalled it on the new rig and exhibits the same behavior where it doesn't recognize it other than in Device Manager and BIOS.

Tried using Windows 10 installer from a USB on bootup. Only recognizes the old system SSD.

Switched SATA ports. No changes.

Used an SATA to USB adapter. No changes.

Going into diskpart, list disk only shows the singular old SSD... The "Free" amount of 3072KB doesn't seem right.: https://imgur.com/0Yg5qtr

Any other suggestions? Thanks!
I'm slightly curious - how do you accidentally do this? Is that really so easy to do by accident?

Did you follow some instructions on web, you didn't really understand? Or what?