[Hard Drives] What do you think about the WD30EZRX Caviar Green?


Jun 26, 2010
Hey :),

I need to buy two 3 Tb hard drives for media storage and reproduction. I'll transfer my important files to the new hard drives. In my country the only available 3 Tb hard disk is the WD30EZRX Caviar Green. What do you think about this hard drive? Actually I have four Caviar Black 1 Tb hard drives and Im really happy with them. However, I have read that the Caviar Green has some reliability problems due to excessive parking and other things. The most important thing for me is reliability across the time. Do you think that the WD30EZRX is a good option?

I have a Gigabyte X58A-UD3R r2.0 mobo.

Thanks for the information.