Harddrive formatting problems


Jun 8, 2012

I have a 320Gb Freecom portable drive that works wonderfully on one machine, however on a laptop (Dell Latitude) the drive reports as unformatted, trying to format it fails, and it constantly shows as RAW.

I have formatted in numerous times on other machines, deleted the volume and recreated it yet all to no avail.

It currently has no data on it but it preferably needs to be working on this laptop, is there anything I can try that might work?

If I've missed any information you could use, let me know, it's Friday and I have the flu, I'm not entirely with it this morning. :lol:

A RAW or Unallocated hard drive is one which does not contain a recognized partition and therefore will not show up as a drive letter on your computer. This is usually because your existing partition has become corrupt and is no longer recognized by the operating system. Common causes are malicious virus infection, or a system crash.

You can try a couple things.

1. Delete all partitions using one computer, then try to partition & format with the laptop.

2. Delete all partitions and create new ones using a computer, then use the laptop to format those partitions.