Question Having problem with my touchscreen fan controller

Lv 88 Mog

Jan 25, 2016
Hi, so I'm using a Thermaltake Commander FT Touchscreen fan controller, and after about a year, the screen (which used to be so bright that I could see it clearly in the middle of the day with the sun shining through my windows), is now so dim that I can barely even read it in a completely dark room in the middle of the night.

This problem has actually happened twice, as I actually bought the product in 2017 and it did the same thing - after 1 year it went extremely dim. I contacted Thermaltake about it and they replaced it, but they never mentioned anything about why this might be happening. The first one and the replacement both did the exact same thing, but I'd like to know why and if there is anything that I can do to fix it....

For example, could this be a problem with my PSU? Is it not getting enough juice? I have a Corsair CX600M, and the only main component I have that takes a lot of power is my MSI GTX970.

Or is it just a problem with Thermaltake's product? Low build quality?

Anyone with ideas on why this is happening and what I can do about it? Thanks.

Phillip Corcoran

I've been reading elsewhere that the 4-pin molex power connector on this unit is poor quality --- misaligned pins causing poor connection.
The poster in question changed the molex connector for a new third-party one and that fixed the fading display issue.

See next to last post on this thread on the Thermaltake Community forum:

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