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  1. Question Thermaltake PSU RGB fan re-use, confused by the cables ?

    So i got this Non working PSU from a friend and i wanted to reuse the RGB fan in it as a case fan, but the cables confused me since i never seen this type before, so it would be very helpful if someone can tell me which is the fan cable and which is the RGB led cable ?
  2. B

    (SOLD) Thermaltake Black Element Gaming Mouse (US only)

    View: Hey, I'm selling my old Thermaltake mouse. I haven't used this for a very long time could be 5+ years due to me using a new mouse. The mouse is in good condition. It's also still usable. I don't have the retail box anymore. So what will be included is what...
  3. F

    Question How do I control my Thermaltake RGB cpu fan?

    Have a Thermaltake UX100 cpu fan which is permanently set in rainbow colors, which is very distracting for my peripheral vision. Looking for a way to change it to a static color like blue or white. Have tried RGB Fusion 2.0, iCUE and Armoury Crate, none of which have detected the cpu fan or...
  4. Question Rattling PSU Fan in Thermaltake Smart RGB 700W - Tips or Reccommendations?

    The Issue: It's been almost two years now and i've had no problems whatsoever, but in recent months my Thermaltake Smart RGB 700W's fan had started making a mild rattling noise because it had gotten a tad loose, it did so just briefly and would stop by itself or just by being given a little...
  5. MoeNAGY

    Question How to connect additional thermaltake fans, if all motherboard headers are used !?

    Hi guys, to begin with. Please see my build that I'm expecting to receive soon: (Please note: I'm not building this PC myself, the question is based on how it will come setup I guess) Specs: CASE: Thermaltake View 37 ARGB Edition Mid-Tower Gaming Case w/ L-type Window Skylight View + 2x 200mm...
  6. N

    Question Thermaltake Toughpower GF1 850W - Two units, different connection layouts

    A few weeks ago I bought a 850W Thermaltake Toughpower GF1 on Amazon, which worked okay until a few days ago when it started to make a weird buzzing noise. I contacted Amazon and they sent me a replacement PSU (also a Toughpower GF1 850W) but to my surprise, when I took it out of the box it had...
  7. Zanorin

    [SOLVED] Need help with new PSU

    My PSU had failed and I took an old one from different computer it is a Thermaltake TR2 RX 650W and I'm trying to use it in my computer. The only problem is that I have a GTX 980 that needs 2 6 pin PCIe connectors but I only have a 6+2 PCIe connector. My question is can I buy another 6+2 (or 6)...
  8. P

    [SOLVED] Blind user Thermaltake PF1 850W order of connectors help please

    Hello there, I'd be really grateful for any help on this. I'm registered blind and building a new system with the Thermaltake Toughpower PF1 850W PSU. I've built systems before but the hardest part is getting to know a new product and figuring out its features especially when I'm not able to...
  9. sobchak

    [SOLVED] Need recommendation for 650w Bronze PSU ?

    Hi everyone, As the title says I'm looking for a good PSU. The options in my country is limited. After browsing the PSU tier list i've found only four which are available in my country. From which i decided to go with either Corsair CV650 [CP-9020211-UK] or Thermaltake Smart BM2 650W...
  10. S

    Discussion Thermaltake psu.

    Basically as mentioned in the post header. Thermaltake BX1 550W power supply of a friend caught fire, small pop noise and PC shuts down. Anybody else? Luckily, none of the other pc components were damaged. Anybody else had problem with this BX1 line of PSUs of Thermaltake?
  11. S

    [SOLVED] PSU and case compatibility question

    Hello all, If a case has a PSU length limit of 180mm and the PSU's length is 180mm, is there any room left for the power cables? Thermaltake Tower 100 + EVGA T2 This is the Thermaltake Tower 100 case I want to buy: This is...
  12. Hazzon


    Help. so recently my motherboard shorted, after me unboxing and installing the new motherboard my aio water-cooler stopped showing rgb The fans are spinning but no rgb i have tried multiple different fixes that include plugging things into the controller PLEASE HELP......!
  13. M

    [SOLVED] Which Thermaltake Gaming Station shell do I have

    Hi, I would like to know if anyone can help me with the Thermaltake Gaming Station. I have four Thermaltake gaming station computers and would like to sell them but have no idea their worth or which version/model it is, can someone help? For some reason I can't get the insert image to work...
  14. Yuiodo

    [SOLVED] Buying a new PSU

    I need a new PSU for my system and I don't really know much about them. Intel Core i5-3330 AMD MSI RX 570 4GB 2x4GB RAM Kingston Asus P8H61 Motherboard 240GB Kingston SSD I have a good cooling system and my computer is mostly at low temperatures. I don't really know my current PSU's brand, but...
  15. Jeff_120

    [SOLVED] How to make my Thermaltake case cooler?

    Hello I have a Thermaltake Versa N26 that comes with one fan on the back, I bought 4 additional fans (aerocool RGB 120 at 1200rpm), I installed 2 on the front that suck up air to the inside and 2 on top to push out the hot air. Though I am afraid it's still not cool enough, my old rtx 2080 was...
  16. Odonix

    [SOLVED] Computer Turns On But No Display Signal Or Peripherals

    So I have been having this problem for the past few months and it has slowly gotten worse/more frequent. Sometimes(now it is almost every time) when I start up my computer it will turn on; fans, lights, all that, but I don't get anything on my monitor, and my keyboard and mouse don't light...
  17. lordtristan28

    [SOLVED] What power supply should i pick? Thermaltake Toughpower GF1 or Corsair RMx 750 ?

    Hello! I'm looking to upgrade my old power supply, i did research on both power supplies and it looks like a lot of people really like the Corsair RMx750 but it seems expensive for what it is compared to the Thermaltake Toughpower gf1. Which should i pick? Both are about the same price. They...
  18. A

    [SOLVED] Upgrading HP PSU (possible adapter or return?)

    The PC: hp pavillion desktop 590-p0066 Purchased PSU: Thermaltake smart series 700w EDIT: Motherboard and PC specs (I barely know what I'm even looking at orz) I wrongly assumed that HP PCs would be set up like literally every other generic. They are not; their motherboards use proprietary...
  19. Yosef Marcera

    [SOLVED] Limited PSU Options, Help!

    I recently bought a 2nd hand AMD R9 270X graphics card, slowly upgrading from a GT 520 (I know). I realized it requires two 6 pin PCIE cables which my current PSU doesn't have, and is recommended to be used with atleast a 500w PSU. My current PSU is a 450W Thermaltake TT-450PL1NH-1. My PC's...
  20. S

    Question Thermaltake Fan Control Software v1.6

    Hi there, I hope you are all well. I have been following these forums for a while, but decided to finally become a member! I am hoping you guys can help me out with tracking down a piece of software for my CPU liquid cooler. Apologies if this is in the wrong forum. I have a Thermaltake Water...
  21. S

    Question Installed new PSU and now GPU doesn’t work

    Hello, I recently upgraded my psu cause I was thinking about upgrading my GPU later. I went out and got a thermaltake 850 and installed it. Well now my GPU won’t turn on and when I plug in the old psu the GPU is the only thing to get power. Need help. Spec’s CPU- I9-9900k motherboard- ASUS ROG...
  22. F

    [SOLVED] Does rgb matter in this PSUs? Thermaltake BX1 vx BX1 RGB

    They both are smart bx1 but do they change in something more than rgb? I do not care about rgb I prefer the one that will not kill my entire system so... wich one is more reliable? I only have this two...
  23. J

    [SOLVED] moved my pc into other room nothing works now

    i built this pc earlier today was working fine booted into windows all my components were showing up but when i moved it into my own room it wouldn’t turn on anymore no strip lights no fan lights no fan movement only the peripherals were blinking
  24. hyrixx


    Hello guys so my THERMALTAKE SMART RGB 500W was working perfectly fine then it suddenly started making some weird noises when I play games first it started like fan clicking then other noises started and another weird thing is that when I play demending games the fan start spinning so fast and...
  25. M

    Question Back and front fans

    hi guys my case (Thermaltake V200) has originally one back 120 mm fan connected with 3 pin that rotates ~ 1k rpm and due to his nature i can't module his rpm. Recently i bought an ARCTIC P12 PST (120mm that i can module rpm ) to put it in the back of the case and move the original fan in...
  26. hyrix7Q

    [SOLVED] is PSU RMA accepted with Scratch in it

    so my PSU ( THERMALTAKE SMART RGB 500W ) been making some weird noise and going loud when i play high end games ( which it wasnt in the first months ) and now i have a scratch on it and i want to rma and im having doubts that they wont accept it because of the Scratch is it true ???
  27. H

    [SOLVED] New graphics card no display

    I just bought a rx 470 and it showed no display when connected to DVI and HDMI port. One of the ram slots is also broken. I think I need to buy a new motherboard. What motherboard is the cheapest and best motherboard for 2nd generation Intel processor. I've also checked it on other monitor and...
  28. Ryzn_Red0925

    [SOLVED] Can I use an old PSU in my new build.

    Hey Guys, I'm planning on building a new PC. I was wondering if I could use my old PSU from my current PC in the new one. Specs for new build: Ryzen 7 3700X Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML240L Asus Prime X570-P Motherboard 16 GB G.Skill TridentZ RAM Sabrent Rocket Q NVME 1TB + 2TB Hard Drive...
  29. viper23

    [SOLVED] Antec Dark Avengers vs Thermaltake H200

    Hello All, I want to know which isthe best cabinet between these two:- Antec DA601 Dark Avengers Thermaltak H200 My PC specs are:- CPU:- i5 4th Gen MB:- Gigabyte H61 GPU:- Aorus RX580 RAM:- 6GB (going to upgrade too) PSU:- Antec EAG Pro 750W Gold also better alternatives with same price...
  30. R

    [SOLVED] Is thermaltake litepower ATX 450w PSU enough?

    My specs are i5 7th gen 12 GB ram Gigabyte GTX 1650 Super windforce Asus B250G ROG gaming mobo is thermaltake litepower ATX 450w psu ok for me?
  31. viper23

    [SOLVED] Need help in choosing right case

    Hi, I am going to buy a new case for my system however i found some by own which i found cool but i don't know much about cases. My location is India, Following is the list which i found:- Corsair Spec 06 - 8000INR ( approx 110 USD ) Aorus C300 Glass - 7200 INR ( approx 96 USD) Thermaltak...
  32. U

    [SOLVED] Lags and freezes

    Ok So I built a new PC , B450 Tomahawk Max Amd ryzen 3600 GtX 1660 Super 16gb ram 3200 and I kept the same HDD (I do not have a ssd ) for the moment . And first everything was good , but now I keep getting In game freezes (( when I have 100-140 fps ( call of duty ) or 200 & + fortnite))...
  33. K

    Question How to connect 9 phantek halo's digital RGB

    Hey, Planning to buy 9 phantek halo digital rgb frames 120mm and was wondering how im supose to connect them all up? I also read that they're able to be daisy chained, but they have 30 leds each and draw about 1amp ive read (not 100% sure), so thats 9 amp in total. Isnt that a bit...
  34. DudeBDR

    [SOLVED] Thermaltake Water 3.0 Triple Riing 360mm Fan controllers and TT RGB Plus?

    So basically I have two of these coolers one on my GPU and one on my CPU they have fan and RGB controllers that come with them and then TT has their TT RGB Plus software. I can't find anywhere that has a fix for the issue I'm having specifically. It's all been the newer fan and RGB controllers...
  35. Syous13

    [SOLVED] Is it worth it to trade?

    Hey guys, so I have a High Power hpg 600w Bronze rated PSU, I use it with a watercooler fix 8350 @ 4.6Ghz and a crossfire of 2 r7 250x (really low demand GPUs) and it’s been fine, haven’t had problems. I have an opportunity right now to trade it for a Thermaltake Tr2 Rx 850w Bronze rated...
  36. J

    [SOLVED] 4400MHz capable RAM won't run any faster than 3600MHz...

    Hi all, I've an MSI MPG X570 Gaming Plus motherboard with a Ryzen 5 3600 CPU OC'd @ 4.2GHz using MSI's built-in Game Boost setting. I've also got Thermaltake TOUGHRAM which should be capable of 4400MHz. Unfortunately, the XMP profile only allows me to get as far as the Windows desktop for two...
  37. Giannaros

    [SOLVED] How much power can my 8pin give?

    Hey guys, I have a thermaltake toughpower 850 but it's a bit old. Here are the specs: My question is this. I have ordered an MSI gaming X 2060 super which requires 175W and my psu, while it does have a pci-e connector, I am...
  38. Question Thermaltake V200 TG's RGB controller, missing PWM cable

    Hi folks. I made a quick check the forum but couldn't find anything similar so gotta pop up a new thread here. So I bought this Thermalthake V200 TG case back in Feb 2019. That time, an utter fool of me, I was waiting for other components to shipped so I didn't even unboxed the case properly...
  39. N

    Question Thermaltake PSU Borked

    A few days ago, I completed a new build with the following components: i5-9400f MSI Ventus XS 6G RTX 2060 MSI z390-A Pro LGA 1151 (300 Series) Thermaltake Smart Series 600w The computer was running well, and I was using it to play CS:GO earlier today. Nothing unusual. Suddenly, I saw smoke...
  40. K

    Question Connecting Fan RGB to ASUS Aura - Thermaltake View 71 ARGB

    I couldn't seem to find exactly what I needed by searching the forums so I thought I'd post this. My problem is simple, but I can't find a solution. I just swapped my parts into my View 71 ARGB Tower that I purchased a few days ago. Absolutely everything is connected fine and it looks amazing...