Having trouble with performance in many games


Jan 11, 2009
I have been getting pretty poor performance in many games I own lately. Games like Crysis 2 with DX11 and the high res texture pack I used to get like 80-90 FPS but now I get maybe 30-50. Need for Speed Shift 2 I get around 28 FPS where my friend with significantly lower hardware gets well above that. The Witcher 2 (ubersampling off) I get like 35 FPS and I know I should be getting much higher than that.

My hardware:

i5 2500k @ 4.5GHz
2x cfx 6950 2GB
Crucial M4 128GB SSD
W7 x64
CCC 12.6 | 12.7 CAP1

I've tried using the previous drivers, and the beta drivers and it makes no difference.

I don't have any overclocking on my GPUs. I've tried all the trouble games with crossfire enabled/disabled. Most of the time it makes no difference.

Any help would be really appreciated.


So what your saying is that even though you've made no alterations to your PC, performance has suddenly dropped?

You might want to check your OC has reset - My 4.6 OC on my 2500k did about 2 weeks back and I immediately noticed a performance hit.

Seeing as youre running an SLI system, and it would seem like your performance, using Crysis as example, has almost halved, Id be checking to see if one of your 6950's has died. Try each on them on their own and see what goes on.


You have to check now and then because sometimes you OS will do things and change settings without you knowing. My SLI for my nVidia cards has disabled the SLI settings.

I don't think in your AMD cards in Crossfiring could happen to. Mine happened when I did a system restore and I have had it happen when installing new hardwear or softwear.

Since you are Crossfiring are you using a program other than the CCC to monitor your usage, temps, and fps? Good luck.