Question HD 6570 and Intel Quad Q6600 compatibility ?


Nov 22, 2016
Are you overclocking the Q6600? That chip was an overclocking monster back in the day if you have the one with the SLACR stepping. Either way, I think the 6570 is probably not going to be a good match for it. When I upgraded one of my Dell XPS systems to a QX6800, it had a HD 5850 in it, and even that was bottlenecking like crazy in modern games. I put a R9 280X in it, and it was OK for a while after that, until I found out that motherboard can't handle that CPU and needed an upgrade to later revision with better VRM's. Faced with a major expenditure and lots of hassles trying to swap out the motherboard, my only realistic option is to find a dual core extreme CPU and put that in, instead. An X6800 only draws 75W, vs 130W for the QX6800. I might also try a Q6600, since that only draws 105W, and they are dirt cheap right now. It's just easier and cheaper to do it that way and save the QX6800 for a future project. :(
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