HDCP headache


Sep 8, 2009
a year ago this setup worked just fine. currently i have a 5870 radeon via HDMI to a yamaha RX-V765, via HDMI to Samsung 46" LCD. a LG blueray drive and windows 7. my current drivers are 8.902, i have avivo installed, am using power dvd 11 ultra.

cyberlink advisor tells me that HDCP and drivers are not compatible with blueray playback. I am out of ideas with this. i have tried running 3 seperate HDMI cables and bypassing the yamaha all together.

The Cyberlink advisor tends not to be the most accurate tool. It thinks that my video card is not HDCP capable, when it indeed is. I think they don't bother updating it too often to account for new hardware and driver revisions. Try running a BluRay movie on your computer. If it plays, you're fine.
Have you tried the newest drivers? Have you tried one of the older drivers?

HDCP is a pain though...it seems to cause more problems than what it was designed to "Fix".

As for your LG blu ray drive - how old is it, and have you had any problems with it besides HDCP problems?

Also are there any firmware updates for your LG drive? You may want to check.
I believe that software removes the HDCP encryption on BluRay or HD-DVD discs so you can run them on a non HDCP device. The only other thing you can do is try to roll back to an earlier video card driver revision, as for some reason the newer driver seems to have broken HDCP compatibility in some way. It could also be an issue with PowerDVD, you may want to find a demo of some other BluRay player software and see if that works.