HDD Makes PC not boot


Feb 3, 2012
Hey guys,

A while ago my gf was using my laptop and external HDD, but she plugged the laptop power cord into the eHDD and i THOUGHT fried the power supply to it because it never turned on after that. So i yanked the HDD out of the external case and plugged it into my pc to see if it still worked. The eSATA connects fine but when the power is plugged into it the whole PC shuts down then and there. Figured the PSU couldnt handle the load so unplugged an old IDE HDD that was connected and my BR Drive, same result. If I plug in the HD while the power is off on the PC and hit the power button the blue light will come on on the Video card for a SPLIT second then nothing happens... no fans or anything. I then have to unplug the drive and turn off the PSU switch for 10sec to make it power on again.

Anyway, im assuimg the drive is fried but figured ide get a second opinion... thanx guys