Dec 17, 2003
I have a 32" hdtv w/ a dvi input that i hooked up to my current gforce 4 mx dvi output. The only problem is that the only way to see the whole screen without it over lapping out of the viewing area is to run it at 640 x 480. The question is: Is there a card out there that will run at a higher output and size its self to the tv or is there a way to make this work at all... thanks jon


The best HDTV cards are Radeons 8500 and up, but you have to buy a separate HDTV adapter. (costs around $40)

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You're not talking about an HDTV adapter, you're talking about a Component Video adapter. Usually this means the same thing, except that his TV already has a DVI connector so he doesn't NEED the component video adapter.

8500 and up should support 720p resolutions through the DVI output.

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