Question headset issues

Nov 29, 2020
My headset works fine when I plug it in the front for the earphones spot without using a splitter. When I use a splitter to make it audio and microphone, it doesn't work for audio but the microphone works, but you can barely hear me say anything when i listen to voice recorder. The back of my PC, it won't even work at all.

I'm wondering if it's the splitter or my mobo. My headset came with a splitter to work on PC's. Anyway to find out if it's my pc or headset?

Tried it on my phone without issues, audio and microphone works. I'm thinking that the splitter is the issue? It won't play audio with the splitter but it does without it, so it should work?

Yes the splitter came with the headset also.
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Try the headset and splitter on other known working computers.

Although it does appear that you have done so to some extent you need to methodically work through the available combinations of computers, headsets, and ports - with and without the splitter as best you can.

Any combination that does not work in any way when the splitter is connected would make the splitter the main culprit.

For the most part those splitters are made as cheaply as possible.

Thus being/becoming the proverbial weak link in the chain.


That "Splitter" may be faulty from what you descibe. BUT it is NOT just s Splitter, I believe. Look closely at the jack on the end of the headset cable, I bet it has FOUR contacts: Tip, Ring#1, Ring#2, and Sleeve. That type will NOT work when plugged into a computer socket. Now, look closely at the two jacks from your "Splitter". I bet they each have only THREE contacts: Tip, Ring (only one) and Sleeve. That device is really an ADAPTER to convert the four-contact jack into a pair of 3-contact jacks that DO work in computer sockets. If you decide to get a replacement, make sure to get one of these adapters, not simply a Splitter.