Question Help a newbie: Upgrading from HDD to SSD for a laptop

May 27, 2020

I'm planning to upgrade my HDD (stock HDD that comes with my laptop) with an SSD.

I'm planning to get a Samsung EVO 860 for the upgrade. However, I don't have any idea if it would be the best thing to get. Though I'm still considering my budget. One of the main reasons for the upgrade is that I just don't like HDDs (no offense). Hahaha. Also, it's really painful for me to load and build my projects every time... so I think SSDs could be the best way but I might be wrong as well. Hahaha.

Besides that, I still have plans to get an M2 NVMe as well. Main usage will be for computer programming, handling large project files and stuff. I don't really do much gaming though, my games would only be like MOBAs (Dota 2, LOL, etc.) and some RTS.

Also, based on my research, I can use my HDD as an external hard drive? (that would be awesome though) that will definitely be a win/win for me. Just kindly asking here for some tips like that and it would be a big help!

Kindly help me decide what to get first (SATA SSD, M2 NVMe, or stick with HDD and get M2). TIA!