Help Gaming PC Build


Jul 30, 2012
I wanna play the game arma 2 ( Day z mod ) but the laptop im currently on sucks for gaming. I wanted to build a gaming Desktop can anyone list the things i will need and good parts, i want the total amount under 600$ i just wanna be able to play day z and other computer games without lag and decent graphics.


Well first off you should be in Home brew of the tom's forums. But here are some sites for you to go to and use the configurators and build one your self and then print off the list and go out and buy the stuff.

It is a lot cheaper to do it that way. I did that way and it worked. or you can buy the what they call a bare bone kit and you will see what I mean when you click on it or you can just buy a gaming rig put together.

Good luck and if you have any questions feel free to ask.
Are you planning to put the computer toghether yourself or buy prebuilt?

if it's the latter, DM's links stand, I'd add and to the list of good builders in the states.

if you plan to build a computer yourself, you can look at this article to give you an idea of parts. That particular build should fit into your budget today.,3159.html