Aug 26, 2004
Hey guys, haven't posted in a while. I finally finished my first computer build and was going fine but now I'm stuck.
okay heres my components first just in case it'll help:

1. athlon 64 3000
2. 40 gig maxter harddrive
3. gigabyteGA-K8NS K8 triton
4. 512 mb ram
5. Radeon 9800 pro

here's the problem:

After i installed all my parts i Used Windows Xp to erase and format my hard drive, because i heard that if you're putting a new motherboard in you have to start clean. Well, when i put my copy in all starts up fine, in starts the Windows XP setup and everything. It formats my hardrive for me and then starts coping the files. Now the problems comes after it done this and it restarts my computer to finish( you know asking me what the computer name is and for the key code) It's does one of 2 things. If i leave it in FAT mode and when it restarts it says:


how can that be when it just went through the setup copying files just fine.I made sure the hard drive is one of the boot up devises but it says none found, when i just did it. I know it's there because I tried it again to see if i made a mistake but when it gets ready to go through the setup it makes me aware that there is already a windows file on this computer do you want to erase it. THen i thought well maybe it doesn't Like FAT format, so i format it again, but i do it in NFTS form. it starts the setup as normal but when i go to restart it, instead of saying no operating system found it says

Verifying DMI POOL

it shows diferent message with NFTS than with FAT but it still wont work. I know It detects my hard drive because at the boot up screen it list it on the coputer. It doesn't seem to be a hard drive issue or it woulding even go through setup. Now the copy of Windows XP that I'm using is a Copied version not a Msnufactured one. I want to bye a Ligit copy but didn't have the money yet. Could it be that the system know it's a bootleg copy and therefor it wont let it work or what. I tried to install windows 98, but it didn't like it. I actulaly got to through the whole thing setup and all but it said something abput 32 bit child defices. It would load on to the windows page but thing were messed up. It didn't even show that i had a cd rom drive. I want this to work . It's a pain to get so close but yet be so far. Please help me. If the problems is because it a copied version I'll just have to buy XP sooner some how.


The child device note, in 98 is probably because you have the cd drive as slave to your ata hdd. A seperate cable is a good idea. It's also good for xp.
As to the xp install, when the puter reboots, did you change the boot priority?. If you first boot to cd, for install, you usually have to boot to hdd, on reboot.
It's easier to do the setup from 98, and ask for a clean install, but loading from the CD drive is okay, as long as you change the boot order.
BTW, it took about 3 tries before I got it right the first time.