Help me choose a motherboard


Jul 22, 2017
Hello everyone.
I'm looking for a motherboard for these specs:

Intel i5 8400
Kingston hyper x Ram ddr4 8gb 2400mHz(I'll probably add another later)
Haven't found a psu yet
Seagate Barracuda 1tb 7200rpm hdd

I don't plan on buying a gpu because of my limited budget, but if i could save on the motherboard and psu i could probably buy a 1050 or 1050 ti.
Here are the motherboards i have in mind, if i haven't added something that you think is a good choice, let me know.

Asus Tuf b360 gaming pro
Asus prime b350 plus
Gigabyte b360 hd3 rev 1.0
ASRock b360m pro4
Msi b360m pro-vdh
Msi b360 gaming plus

It may be helpful to know:

If i ever plan on adding an ssd I'll add only one so I won't need 2 ssd slots

Since I am going to keep this motherboard for a LONG time I'll need 4 ram slots for future upgrades

Since I'm guessing the hdd I've chosen is pretty slow I'll probably add a wd black or maybe an ssd later

I'll only need a hdmi connector for now, and I really don't know much about audio related stuff but audio is really important for me.

Thanks in advance!



Aug 13, 2018
First of all, make an SSD your top priority. Putting your operating system on an SSD will make your PC A LOT quicker than running it off a HDD. Even if its just a cheap 120gb, just enough to install windows on.

If youve got 1050ti money then get an RX570 8GB instead (will work fine in that system), they can be found for the same price and are MUCH faster


Of those boards i'd go with the MSI Gaming Plus board.

Lastly your PSU will need to be at least 500w with that GPU.


Jul 22, 2017
Thanks a lot about the advice.
I knew that an ssd would make my pc a lot faster, but the prices have quadrupled and some stuff aren't even available anymore, so I couldn't find an ssd anywhere and the rx570 card is unavailable. Stuff are just confusingly f'd up and I'm rushing to buy a pc. My savings don't even make for a proper pc but I really need a pc for my programming and gaming.
Considering that, I will most probably cut off the gpu and the ssd but your advice was really helpful.
I need some more advice, what do you think about the biostar rx570 mining? How are mining cards different from the other ones
is it worth buying over a Gtx 1050 2Gb?
Thank you very much